Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Month of March

After a winter, so far, with very little snow, we've been dumped on this past two days and it's still coming down.  Well over a foot of snow so far.  Thankfully there hasn't been much wind.  My body is a wreck from shoveling.  I was outside at six a m this morning hoping to get a start on it all over again, not realizing that it was still coming down.  I did the steps and a pathway to the door then came back inside.  I'm now waiting for daylight so I can clean off the feeders and put food out for the birds.  There were loads of birds here all day yesterday looking for something to eat.  I put food out a few times during the day.  I suppose it's difficult for them to find food with all the snow covering the ground and trees.

Still, you can sense that spring is not far off now.  For a gardener like myself this brings  a feeling of excitement.  I even brought all my seed packets out of storage a few days ago to plan on what to start inside. 

I've had some leaks coming through the roof on the back part of the house.   This will be taken care of once the snow goes and the weather warms up a bit.  The back deck is starting to rot so that will also have to be re built.  I suppose after almost forty years, I can't complain. 

Here's some recent pictures.


Suz said...

we don't see many bluejays here,love their call

Tricia Ryder said...

Love looking forward to Spring and it can't come soon enough. Sorry you've had snow dumped on you... we've some forecast for this coming Sunday.. LOL no doubt this will cause you much hilarity..

and you take care if you're contemplating getting on the roof.. ideally.. get someone else to do it?..