Thursday, May 04, 2017

Long, long Winter

It's been a bit of a rough winter.   We had a lot of snow, I'd say parts of the garden had four to five feet on the ground.   The park benches that I have were no where to be seen as they were hidden under the snow.   There's still a bit around but most of it has finally disappeared.   Temperatures are down most days.   I woke up this morning to the trees covered in glitter from the freezing rain that fell and the deck was slippery with ice.

I've come to the conclusion after going through this winter that I'm going to have to invest in another source of heat other than the wood stove.   I find with each year now that it's harder on my body to be lugging wood in a couple of times a day from down in the driveway.  Climbing on the roof every so often to clean the chimney is no fun either when there's a bitter wind blowing.   Also, the back part of the house which is a relatively new addition, has an almost flat roof so ice dams build up with all the snow and it causes leaks in the ceiling inside.  The ceiling is ruined at this point.  I've gotten up on the roof after each snow fall to try to get as much snow as possible off but it still leaked.   I'm going to have to find a roofing company to give me a quote on what can be done to prevent this happening in the future.   It's going to be an expensive year.

There's more activity in the garden now.   I didn't have many Blue Jays over the winter months but they've come back and are courting.   A grouse has been showing up most days.  It picks at the seeds that have fallen from the feeders.  It's a sweet bird.

Last fall I cleared a bit of ground to make a Fairy Garden.   Over the winter I've made five stone houses and a half dozen mushrooms out of clay which I then painted.   I'm anxious to get going on it once all the snow has gone and the ground dries up a bit.

I imagine the cats were as disgruntled as I was with the winter.   All has changed now because they can get outside whenever they want.   I'll soon be doing spring things like cleaning up the beds, etc.  I'm so looking forward to it.

Tommy enjoying a bit of sun.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Overcast Friday.

Woke up to a brush of snow on the ground this morning and temperature at one degree.   I wasn't long putting a fire in the wood stove.   It was a wee bit nippy in the house.

My daughter came for a visit last week and stayed for five days.   I really enjoyed the visit.  Too bad that it was wet and miserable for most of the time.  She brought me a couple of great gifts.   She's a wee bit like me when it comes to strange stuff.

The cats are a bit ticked off with regards to the weather.   They've been inside sleeping more than usual.  Malachi was out on the railing the other day in a light rainfall.   He was not happy but wouldn't come in.   He had a terrible grumpy look on his face.

A few pictures taken last week.   Nothing terribly exciting.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Almost Snow Time.

We had our first brush of snow a couple of days ago.  It came down heavy for about fifteen - twenty minutes then stopped.  It didn't stay as it was melting as it hit the ground.  Today started out overcast and wet but it's now turned into a beautiful sunny one.

It's amazing that some of the Phlox still has some blooms on them given the nights of hard frost that we've had.

It's hard to believe that another year is almost over.   I remember hearing my grandmother say that the older you get, the faster time flies.   She was right.

It's late in the afternoon now and it's gotten overcast and dull once again.   Here's Malachi looking out at the dismal afternoon.

Another baby asleep on the back of the sofa.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Lovely Sunny Day.

I finally got a chance to get on the roof and sweep off the piles of leaves that had built up.   Because I'm surrounded by big trees, in the fall I'm overloaded with the leaves.   I also brought up my can of roof patch just to have a look and make sure all was okay.   I saw a couple of what might be worry some spots so just to be sure I put some patch on them.   We've had a couple of lovely sunny days so I've been trying to get more stuff done in preparation for winter.  Yesterday I spent a good part of the day putting plastic on the windows, well, most of them.  They are single panned, very old windows and the cold comes through them easily.   I use the stretch plastic, the stuff that after it's on you use your hair dryer and end up with what looks like glass.   You can't tell that there's plastic there.   I love it.  I think I'm pretty well ready now for when the snow flies.   I just have to bring the shovels, my sled to haul up wood and my snow blower down from the shed.

Frankie enjoying the sunny day.

Malachi being lazy.

Tommy on bear patrol.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Fairy Glen and Other Things.

I have the garden put to bed as much as it's going to be.   It's hard to keep up with it as I've gone too far for one person to handle with all the spaces I've used up.   On saying that....I am late summer I cleared away a nice size area to make a Fairy Glen.   Yes, I don't have enough to do already, ha ha ha.  I'm not putting all the houses etc in there until spring but here are a few things I've placed there and a couple of things I've made so far.   I figure it will be a work in progress over the winter.

Here is a look at the Glen with just a few of the things I've placed there.

I've made this stone house (more to be made) and six of these toadstools.

These days I'm trying to prepare for winter.   I have most of the pots emptied and now just have to store them.  I've been sawing up some small wood every chance I get to use to start the fire in the mornings.  I have to bring the snow shovels down from the shed and also the snow blower.  Also the small sled to haul the wood up to the house in the mornings.  I'm trying to get everything at the ready.   There's a few things still to put away but I should get to it all before the snow flies.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

October's End

Here we are at the end of October and heading fast into winter.   This year has been just a blur in many ways.   Seems like it went far too fast.   It's the first year as far back as I can remember that I didn't do much decorating for Halloween/Samhain.  I couldn't get into it somehow.   And the first time in ages that I'm not having a party.   It's been a funny sort of year.   I did paint some twigs, put them in a pot and strung purple lights around it.  I thought it looked pretty.   And a little bit of orange on an end table.

This past week I've had a bear around.   I got up one morning and saw that a full bag of garbage had been hauled off the deck and ripped to pieces.  While picking that mess up the thought that it could have been a bear made me look at the bird feeders and the two block suet feeder was gone.  He had to climb the tree to reach a branch and pull.   Only the wire that was attached to it was left hanging.   Of course I should have know there was a bear about because a few days before that one of the feeders that had been high up on a post was flat on the ground, post and all.   We'd had a lot of wind so I just figured it had blown over although the post was broken off at the bottom.   Needless to say I've been cautious when outside.   Two days ago I had some stuff to bring up by the woods to the bonfire pile and spied the lost feeder over by the woods.  The suet was gone of course and the feeder was smashed to bits.  It was a fairly expensive one too that was made so only the small birds could get into it.   And was made with heavy wire.

This is what's left of it.   Only good as a conversation piece now.

My oldest cat, little Freya, is no longer with me.   She had lost a lot of weight, was only skin and bone really and was hardly eating.   I can't bear this having to make a decision to have an animal euthanized.  It broke my heart.   Only the three boys left now.

Well, that's about it for now.