Sunday, December 30, 2012


If I see any more chocolates, cookies or cake I think I'll be sick!    I've gone well over the level of insanity with regards to eating this stuff and there's still lots around.  Ye gad!! 

It was a good Xmas with my daughter and two grandchildren here.  They arrived on the 23rd.  Fortunately the weather cooperated.  We sat down to a meal of lasagne and salad that night.

The afternoon of the 24th. I had an open house from three to six.  That went well with people stopping in for a drink and some food. 

So many presents under the tree, two trees actually.  I put one up in the living room and one in the sitting room.  This is the smaller "sitting" room and tree.

The night of Xmas Eve, Andrew brought in a huge basket filled with gifts and had a blanket over it to hide what was inside.  He put it near a table in the living room which was fine.   The next morning I was the first one up.  It was still dark so I found my way across the living room to switch on the lamp, forgetting about the basket.  I tripped over it, fell into it, the lamp on the table went flying along with old bones in his sleigh and some wooden coasters.  What a racket!  I managed to haul myself up and was in tremendous pain with my arm and leg.  While sitting on the chesterfield waiting for the pain to subside, I was thinking, I could have fallen with a heart attack and be dying here when the rest of the household are snoring away in there snug little beds.  haha.  Unfortunately I broke a beautiful wine glass that was one of the gifts in the basket when I fell. 

Everyone got up fairly early and we opened all our gifts.  It was a great day.  Laurie and the kids left on Boxing Day for home.  It was the first time that I can remember that we were all together for the holidays. 

We've had some snow.

My friends waiting for breakfast.

Some Goldfinches arrived and took advantage of the feeders.

Loads of Juncos around these days.  No unusual birds to be seen.  The woodpeckers weren't around for some time and I found that upsetting but I've seen a couple at the feeders this past week.

One of the presents I got was a Santa to add to my collection.  I just love him.

 And last but not least, Stanley snuggled in the old fellows arms.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and wishing you all a wonderful New Year.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Morning.

So there I was early this morning sitting at the computer enjoying my first coffee when I hear an "ahem" behind me.  I turned around and there was himself stark naked with a Xmas elf hat on saying "See what Santa brought you for Xmas."  To say I nearly choked on the coffee is putting it mildly.  No picture!!

Speaking of pictures, the on/off button on my camera has bitten the dust.   I can still take pictures but to turn the camera off I have to hold down the off button and while doing this, take the batteries out.  A real nuisance.   I've had the camera for a good many years so I suppose it's time it started breaking down.  Himself tells me that I can use his camera, the one sitting on the shelf since he bought it.

I have all the decorating done.  To be honest my heart wasn't in it for some reason but now that I'm finished and look around, I'm happy.   I spend a morning making Nanimo  Bars and a truckload of shortbread.  I used my grandmothers old cookie cutters on the shortbread.    So many memories came flooding back.  

So, next on the agenda is to make a variety of finger food that I can freeze.  I'm thinking of having an open house Xmas Eve like I did last year so I like to have food already made then I'm freed up that day and it's off my mind.

That's about it!  A few pictures.....

Crows waiting for breakfast.

Blue Jay.

Just Cats.


Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Bright Sunshiny Day!

We've had our first real snowfall.  Aside from the fact that I don't like the stuff, I have to admit that it looks very pretty. 

A few pictures taken yesterday morning.   The sky was so blue and crystal clear.

We went to Gander earlier this week to do our monthly shopping.  I was dreading it because I figured this time of year the stores would be blocked with people and the lineups at the checkouts would be unbelievably long.    I was nicely surprised to see that this wasn't so.   We got back home by early afternoon.  

There are so many birds at the feeders these days as it's been terribly cold and they need to bulk up on food to keep warm on these cold nights.   This Northern Flicker was here the other morning.  I've only ever seen one a couple of times.  He didn't stay for long so I only managed to get this one picture.

Speaking of birds, it's just getting daylight and I must get outside to fill the feeders for the day.   It's so cold out, brrrrrrrrr!