Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Again.

I'd made a reservation on the bus to St. John's the day before my trip. I was told to be on the highway at the designated spot between 1:00 and 1:30 pm. Sunday we drove up to the highway and waited. We were about a half an hour too early but that was okay. An hour later the bus still hadn't shown up, it was now 1:30. Fifteen more minutes went by and himself was saying that maybe he had broken down and I should phone to find out. I did and a recording came on saying "If there's no answer, I'm on the road." Okay, then I said that we would wait a few minutes more but after that we were going to head back home. A few minutes went by when we saw the bus coming up the highway pulling a boat behind it. It was one of those "Only in Newfoundland" moments. So, he pulls up to where we were, stops the bus and jumps out to get my luggage to store. When I get up to him he says "Do you want to sit in the boat or in the bus" hahahahahaha! The ride in was uneventful.

The night before coming home there were very high winds and the rain was coming down in torrents. This continued on through the next day but I arrived home safely. The inner archway in the garden had blown down and was flat on the ground. The first time anything like this has happened. This morning both of us managed to get it up again and stabilized.

So, then we decided to go to Glovertown to get a few things that were needed. We dropped into the Goodwill as himself had some clothes to donate. When we were leaving I passed a large toy box. A small voice was coming from way down on the bottom saying "Help me, get me out of here." Well, what could I do??? So, I went back and started digging down through all the toys. There I found this brave little bear who seemed relieved that someone had heard him. I ask him if he's like to come home with me and he said that was the best offer he's had in a long, long, time.
So, he hauled on his little knapsack and came home with me.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scenes of Autumn

Autumn is in full force here now. Lovely colours and lots of leaves on the ground. The weather has been quite nice so I've gotten a lot done outside. Garden ornaments put away along with planters. I've cut back about two thirds of the perennials (a massive job really). It saves me work in the spring but unfortunately I couldn't finish the job as I hurt my hip badly and had to quit for this year.

I was disappointed in the amount of bees, butterflies and dragonflies along with other insects in the garden this year. We did have a dreadful summer (if one can call it summer at all) and I suspect this had an effect on these creatures.

I'll be going into the city for a few days tomorrow. I'll spend some time with my parents and also my daughter. Probably do some shopping as well. Our friends from Nova Scotia have been here and gone. I expect that will be the last of the visitors for this year with the exception of family of course.

So, on to a few pictures.

I love the look of these berries on the bitter sweet this time of year.

We've had an unfixed male cat hanging around off and on lately. Little Freya, who has been fixed, was staying outside a lot longer than normal. At one point, checking on her, there she was sitting pretty, staring at this handsome male. I think she's smitten.

The male.

Malachi looking quite fierce. He's really a sweetie.

On our way to do some shopping this morning, I took these pictures.

A few ducks.