Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My partner of twenty three years passed away on Saturday and was cremated yesterday.   His two daughters, my daughter, my parents and brother along with friends will have a get together here at the house this afternoon as a time of remembrance. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday, Jan. 18.

Tommy has had his surgery and is back to being his impish self once again.    Taking an afternoon nap.

We've had lovely spring like weather this past number of days, it won't last though as snow is expected overnight.    I got a wonderful surprise in the mail a couple of days ago.   A package from my daughter which included this T-shirt: 

And these two books that I'd been eyeing:

I'm so excited.   When things start getting back to some kind of normal in my life I'll be trying my hand at some of these. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Boots for Bears and other stuff.

Just sitting here waiting for daylight to get up on the roof and clean the chimney.   The weather has warmed up a bit so a good time to take advantage of it.  Hopefully some of the snow will shrink down. 

Fortunately someone came by wearing snowshoes and broke a path to the feeders for me as the snow was well up over my knees.

I've been very excited to have gotten a new bear pattern.  I'm anxious to get at it when things settle down here a bit more.   Every now and then if I go to the Goodwill I keep an eye out for baby shoes and boots.    These are some that I've collected.  The two pairs of winter boots are much smaller than they appear in the picture. 

Wednesday coming Tommy will be going to the vets to get castrated.   I'm upset about it already.   Not that he's being castrated but that I can't explain to him what's going on and that he'll be coming back home with mom when it's all over. 

The imp himself.

Stanley looking on:

Frankie at the window yelling "Mom, make the snow and cold go away, I want to go out."

Well, that's about it.   Got to get a move on here.