Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow and Cold

We've had some bitterly cold days and nights.  Temperatures plummeting down to the -20 s at night and not much warmer during the day.    It's improved somewhat but not enough for my liking.  The only bit of cheeriness is that the seed catalogues have arrived.  A friend was telling me that he's already sent away for his seeds and they've arrived.   Gardeners.....we're all quite mad.  We won't see the ground for a matter of months yet and here we are, excited about planting. 

I got up one morning this past week and Jack Frost had paid us a visit.  The fire had gone out overnight and I can tell you, it was pretty cold in the house. 

We had a lovely blanket of snow on top of what was already there.  I must say with the sun and shadows on fresh snow, it does look pretty.

The cats, of course, are not at all happy with the situation and spend a lot of the day sleeping.   Malachi in one of his silly moods.

Stanley, wondering what to do with himself.

Two new additions.  A beautiful fairy given to me as a gift.

And.....a funny cow that I found in the Goodwill.  I have no idea why I bought it.  The only thing I can say is, well, just look at that face, haha.

Loads of Juncos here everyday.  All the regulars of course.   Well, that's about it.  Nothing much of note happening.  Waiting for spring.....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Storm.

We've had the first real storm of winter.   Some areas received up to 75 cm of the white stuff.  Winds were so high that the snow was blowing down the road sideways.  Power was out through most of the island.  We lost ours early in the morning and didn't get it back until mid afternoon.  Actually this wasn't so bad as sometimes it can be out for much longer.  Phones were out as well.  Times like this I can't help but think of people who have electric heat.   Fortunately we burn wood for our heating so we're toasty warm without electric power.   I was talking to my parents before the phones went out and they said there was about four feet of snow against their front door and figured it would be a couple of days before they could get out. 

Picture, not mine, of one doorway blocked. 

We went out at one point when the storm seemed to have abated somewhat and tried to shovel out the car but, alas, the driveway was filling in as fast as we were shoveling. 

Find the car!  lol

I did manage to get to a couple of bird feeders.  Loads of little Juncos were waiting for food. 

A few shots of the snow.

Luckily when it was all over a friend came with his plow and cleared the driveway.  The snow was so heavy that there was no way we could have done it ourselves.   So, it's all over until the next time.  Hurry Spring!!