Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow and Cold

We've had some bitterly cold days and nights.  Temperatures plummeting down to the -20 s at night and not much warmer during the day.    It's improved somewhat but not enough for my liking.  The only bit of cheeriness is that the seed catalogues have arrived.  A friend was telling me that he's already sent away for his seeds and they've arrived.   Gardeners.....we're all quite mad.  We won't see the ground for a matter of months yet and here we are, excited about planting. 

I got up one morning this past week and Jack Frost had paid us a visit.  The fire had gone out overnight and I can tell you, it was pretty cold in the house. 

We had a lovely blanket of snow on top of what was already there.  I must say with the sun and shadows on fresh snow, it does look pretty.

The cats, of course, are not at all happy with the situation and spend a lot of the day sleeping.   Malachi in one of his silly moods.

Stanley, wondering what to do with himself.

Two new additions.  A beautiful fairy given to me as a gift.

And.....a funny cow that I found in the Goodwill.  I have no idea why I bought it.  The only thing I can say is, well, just look at that face, haha.

Loads of Juncos here everyday.  All the regulars of course.   Well, that's about it.  Nothing much of note happening.  Waiting for spring.....


Tricia said...

Wow - -20... does that temperature really exist!!

Love Stanley and Malachi... but must be frustrating for them

The garden looks beautiful especially the statue.. and only you could find such a wonder cow in the Goodwill... it's definitely got attitude :D

Toffeeapple said...

I have been moaning about the snow that we had, it wasn't very deep but it lasted too long for my liking, then I see what you have to put up with and I feel shamed!

I can see exactly why you bought the cow, it is just perfect.

Victoria said...

I love the photos of the sunlight and shadows on the snow. If I did my calculations right, -20 c is -4 f which equals....BRRRRR! I hope it warms up for you very soon.

Your new fairy is beautiful and the cow is too funny.

Lucky you, getting your seed catalogs already! I'm hoping mine will show up during next week.



Cicero Sings said...

Love Malachi in a goofy mood.

The snow does make things look lovely. We had snow overnight so I was out shoveling this morning. We are to get more later today. More shoveling. Sigh. Our temps are hovering around -3C.

Spring will be here before we know it ... so don't go too stir crazy waiting. Ha!

Ali said...

Oh my, you can keep it! I've plainly become totally acclimatized to the British Winter. LOL! Our snow and cold temps have gone now. It's much milder,though I do wish the sun would come out. This part of the country doesn't seem to get much of that any more. I love your cow! Its exactly the sort of quirky thing I'd expect to see in your house.

Ali x

ShySongbird said...

I've just found I missed your last post :-( My, what a lot of snow you had!! It was heavy here....but not like pleased you had a good friend with a plough to help you out.

It certainly does sound cold there, we are back to milder temps and more rain, very high winds too.

Love that cow :-)

CatHerder said...

We have only had a small amount of snow that melted overnight..but last week we were in the teens with the windchills being RIDICULOUS..oh i cant wait till spring