Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Day in March.

It's the most beautiful day. Sunny and temperatures to go into the double digits. Himself is outside taking down the storm door. This definitely means that spring is here. Lots of bird song and birds back and forth to the feeders all day long.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I went by this climbing vine and saw that the leaves were starting to open.

And the Willow as well starting to show their furry coats.

The girls are also enjoying the wonderful spring, walking the paths to the feeders. Grabbing up the bits the other birds drop.

After almost a year without seeing them, the Nuthatches have come back.

And the ever present Blue Jays.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bloggers Block

I guess it's like writers block. I can't think of a thing to blog about. Nothing much happening, basically waiting for the snow to be off the ground so I can get out in the garden. Mind you, there's not much snow but it's being very stubborn and seems to be clinging on to the ground. You'd think with all the lovely mild days it would have all melted. I do see more patches of grass showing up each day though. I've already started buying seeds. What gardener can resist all those lovely racks of seeds in the department stores. Every year I say that I'm not buying any more seeds but inevidably I'm drawn to the racks and walk away with a handful. I'll probably be going into the city in a couple of weeks and as my father loves taking me around to all the big stores, I dare not think what I'll come back with.

Himself is going to Spain in April for a three week visit with his daughter. Have I mentioned that before....probably! The brain is not what it use to be, lol. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to my time alone. I'm hoping that the weather will be nice as every spring I stain the floor of the deck and paint the railings. I will also have to take the screen door apart (it's an old fashioned wood frame one) and put new screen in. It gets torn up every summer by the cats. I bought paint for the guest bedroom, a bright salmon colour. I would like to get that painted next week. Then there's the usual spring cleaning to be done both inside and out. I don't understand how the property gets in a mess over the winter. In the fall I have it tidied up and when the snow melts all manner of things show up.

Did I say I had bloggers block. Guess I've gotten rid of a bit of it, lol. Here's some pictures of the cats taken recently.

Stanley in a box.

Ratch waking up.

Freya and Stanley.

Frankie having a relaxing afternoon.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is in the Air.

Another wonderful day. The birds are singing and quite a few around. The Purple Finches have arrived. Chickens are on the deck laying down with the warmth of the sun on their bodies. A few pictures taken this morning. Not included in the photos but lots around are Juncos, Chick a Dees, Woodpeckers, a couple of Nuthatches, Grosbeaks and of course my friends the Crows.

Male Finch.

Female Finch.

Blue Jays.

This one seems to be saying "Hmm, which one shall I choose this time."

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Few Pictures.

There's been little or nothing happening lately. The weather people had predicted a 30 cm. plus snow fall a few days ago but fortunately we didn't get it all. It started, then turned to heavy wet snow then rain. Ending up with a couple of inches of very wet, heavy snow. It's +4 C today and the sun was suppose to shine but we only got a glimpse of it for a few moments.

Here are a few pictures that I've taken this past few days.

Up the road.

Grouse under feeder yesterday.


Angry cat. She wasn't happy about one of the other cats wanting her spot on top of the chair. With deep growls she drove the up start away.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A rather "Pink" day.

Himself has pink underwear! Why, you might ask?? Her inside was doing a wash, dreaming of spring and planting and threw a red article in with his whites. Oh dear, oh dear!!!! Nothing to be done for it now except the question from himself "How come my underwear is pink?"

A very mild morning. I was letting hens out and filling bird feeders with just my sweater on. I just can't get over this winter. Wonderful. A good bit of rain off and on but it's not snow.

There haven't been many birds around this week. I think because it's warmer out they are going farther afield these days. Yesterday morning I boiled a few eggs for the crows breakfast and I must say they really enjoyed this special treat.

A nice picture of Frankie.