Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another few Garden Pictures.

We had a lot of rain overnight during the week and found a leak in the ceiling.  When the rain held up I went up on the roof with the roof patch and think I found where the water was getting in.  I'll know for sure after the next heavy rain.  Fingers crossed.

The crows have been bringing a young one.  It hasn't gotten a handle on how to crow properly yet so it's quite funny to listen to the various sounds.  Lots of bumble bees in the garden and they are quite large.  There seems to be more butterflies than normal as well.  Have yet to see a dragonfly this year. 

There's a lovely soft wind this morning and I delight in the sound of the Aspens.  Especially in the early morning when I have the world to myself.  The rain has caused everything to explode.    I love the buttercups and look forward to them every year.   The path shown turns right at the end and comes out where the Buddha is sitting.

I also love these little blue cup like flowers.  I don't know what they are called.

Some ferns near the stream.

Scottish Thistle,  the bees adore it.

Lupins, lupins everywhere.  Another plant loved by the bees.

I've started a variety of herbs to make smudge wands and they are coming along nicely.  I have to take them out of the pots and plant them in the herb garden   This may be a good day for it.   I'm off now to put screening on the storage room window. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Walk Around the Garden.

A few parts of the garden.

There's still not a lot in bloom but things are coming along.

Someone gave me the top part of this so I found a stump and made a table.

I love taking macro shots of insects so when I saw these moths I couldn't resist.  Don't know what they're called.

That's it for now.  All is well and the weather has been fabulous.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birds And Bees.

As it's turned cold this afternoon and I've been gardening for days, I figured I'd take some time and blog.  The weather has been beautiful lately.  We get two weeks of cold and wet and the first nice day we seem to forget about the miserable weather.   I've gotten an awful lot done outside and am well pleased.  There's not much in bloom yet so will wait to take some pictures.   There seems to be a fair number of bumble bees and butterflies in the garden although there is little in bloom at the moment.  However, the bees are making good use of the lungwort, one of the first bloomers.  I've managed to take a few pictures......  These bees are on an annual I bought at the greenhouse. 

I managed to get one shot of this butterfly.

I'm pleased with these pictures I got of my favorite bird, the crow.

This little nuthatch was having a nap, taking a break.  They never stop it seems, back and forth to the feeders all day long.  He opened his eyes after I took the picture.  I think I woke him up.

A robin who's nesting nearby.

There seems to be quite a few squirrels around.  This little mother is resting.  She cut through the top of the feeder again and as you can see is sitting with her bum down through the top. 

Her little hands.

And, that's about it. 

Saturday, June 02, 2012


It's been so long that I hardly know where to begin.   We had beautiful summer weather for a while but now it's turned wet, overcast and much cooler.  It's been like this for a week and is suppose to continue on into next week.    We had a hard frost one night and although covered, I lost two tomato plants and my basil.   Himself has been having some health problems but seems to be much better at the moment.

Let me see now......This week with the rain we had a leak in the living room ceiling so in the wet and cold we were both on the roof trying to find where it was coming in.  We patched up any suspicious places and it looks like we managed to find the guilty one as it hasn't leaked since.  Then, my old washer finally bit the dust and died.   This is all sounding much too depressing so here's some good news:

All the plants and trees are about three weeks ahead and growing beautifully.  The birds are very active these days.  I imagine they are nesting.  The squirrels are here all the time and are quite bold.   And..........drum roll please..........himself is going to Spain for a few weeks in July and I'll have lots of time alone.  Now, I know this may sound terrible to some but when you are retired and are together 24/7, one needs some space and time to oneself.  At least I do.

The pine grosbeaks are here once again.  They are lovely birds.  The male has been here with his lady every day.  

First Bee of the season.

Freya and Frankie on a good day.

What cats do on a miserable day.

Can't finish with out adding one of the little imps.

The Saskatoon berry trees and Wild Cherry Trees are all in blossom so things are looking up.