Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crazy man.

I have to relate this story. My partner went for his morning walk today and as it looked like rain, he took his umbrella with him holding it under his arm. On his way back he saw a truck coming towards him and said to himself, "Ah, here comes Joe." As the truck got nearer he hauled the umbrella out from under his arm and started jumping around the road like a lunatic, brandishing the umbrella like a sword. Unfortunately it wasn't his friend, in fact he didn't know who the person was and I can only imagine the stories flying around this community now about this crazy man who lives on the North Side. Then there was the time we had friends coming for a few days. About the time they were suppose to arrive he put on an outfit he got while travelling in the middle east. Long white robe, black and white checkered head scarf with the black band around it holding it on and a bloody big sword strapped to his waist. Out he goes and starts walking back and forth in the driveway. Nearly put a few cars off the road with that one. And there is more............for later.

Long weekend

Well, the May 24th weekend is over, although it's always held on the weekend before the 24th, if the 24th. comes during a week day. It's suppose to be in honour of Queen Victorias birthday but I think most people have lost sight of that fact. It's the weekend when all the summer people come and open up their homes, people go camping, fishing, and generally partying. People line their trailers up for days to be able to get a spot in the parks. Lots of people camp in gravel pits on the sides of the highway. Someone from away once said to me that it's the only place in the world where he's seen people camp in gravel pits. Ha ha. In fact there has been a song written about it. Lots of police on the roads trying to catch drunk drivers. It's rarely nice on this weekend, always cold, with rain or snow, however it doesn't seem to deter many. The general comments are, "well what do you expect, it is May 24th. weekend after all." We are a pretty laid back bunch of people, I must admit. My weekend was busy, between the rain showers, working on the garden. It's never ending. I have the damn Mint and Bugle overtaking some of the beds so am trying to keep on top of it. Today the carpenter is suppose to come and re-do the back deck as a lot of it has started to rot. Any moment at all someone can go sailing down through parts of it. However, wouldn't you know, it's raining, so probably won't get it done today. Ah, well, tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just rambling

This is about the time of year when the black bears put in an appearance. I have to be very cautious when I go to let the hens out early in the morning. I remember a few years back, every morning there was a lot more than usual amount of bear poop around. We found this a little disturbing so decided to call Wildlife to see what we could do about it, (the bears not the poop.) Two wildlife officers showed up and after viewing the situation said they would have to put a live trap on the front lawn. Next thing they were back in a big truck hauling a massive big barrel like thing. We had to take part of the fence down to get this on the property. Once they had it off the truck, I demanded that they show me how it worked as I wanted to make sure the bear or bears wouldn't get hurt. I was told that the bear would go inside and the weight of the creature would trip a spring and the door would shut. I was to call immediately, anytime day or night, if this happened, and they would come and take the bear off in the country and let it go. Then they proceeded to put cake, cookies, molasses, etc in the barrel. They said any bear within a few klms would smell this and go inside, I thought that was rather amazing. They also told me, if it has been trapped before there was no way it would go inside the barrel no matter how many treats were there. So for three days this contraption sat on the lawn and we were waking up during the night thinking we heard a door shut. Alas, it was all to no avail, no bear in the barrel. Wildlife came and took the trap away and we continued to clean up the poop each morning until the bears decided to move off further into the country.

Monday, May 08, 2006

My Treasures

Here are my Treasures. We share our space with these creatures.
this is malacai

below is Ratchet, Ratch for short. She is very big

This is Thomas, who has many lives. We mistook a dead cat on the road for him, mourned his passing, started to dig a grave, crying with sadness when suddenly he walks out of one of the bedrooms after a nice nap...

Cleo is like a china doll and behaves like the queen bee, head held high. She is very reserved.

Freya came to us last. She is so loving.

Life around here just wouldn't be complete without Penelope and Lulu. They love to come up on the deck in the sun and spread their wings while laying down. They also appreciate all the bugs that surface while I dig in the garden.