Monday, June 16, 2014

Early Morning.

Sunlight hitting Birch trees.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday in June.

More cold nights lately with temperatures getting near freezing.   Not bad during the day though.  Good temperatures for working in the garden.   I've been so busy outside this past few days.   By late afternoon yesterday my body was aching so I decided that in the interest of being able to go out at it again today, I'd better give it up.   I often think when looking around that I've gone far beyond my capabilities in making so many gardens.   In fact yesterday while digging up some sods I was wondering how much longer I could do this and would at some point, if I didn't want it all to go to pot, would have to hire someone this time of year to do the work for me.  

This morning I'll tackle what my mother calls the "rock" garden.   It's become completely over grown.   When it's cleaned up, I have a few buckets of compost left that I'll dig into the soil there.  I have to admit that I do get excited when I have a challenge like this and can't wait until it's looking good once again. 

A few of the early plants are in bloom and it looks like the black currant bush will be laden down with berries once again. 

Saskatoon berry tree.

There's a tiny fairy there among the rocks.

Pan overseeing one of the gardens once again.


Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Still Here!

I'm still alive and kicking.   It's not been the best winter/spring.  The brutally cold nights and days and the snow, snow, snow.   There seemed to be no let up in it.  Keeping the old wood stove going as my only source of heat was a chore at times.   If it weren't for friends I don't think I would have made it through.  My poor old body just can't seem to take it like it use to.   Then my partner of 24 years passing away in January.  Then my beautiful big bear of a cat Stanley got killed by a truck out on the road.   Fortunately my daughter was here at the time.  We were devastated to say the least.  I don't know how she managed to dig down through all the snow and then the ground to bury him but she did it. 

So, May month came in.....I got a case of the flu, something I haven't had since as far back as I can remember.   I was in bed for the first week just getting up and about to feed the cats and put some food out for the birds.   Then another week slowly recovering.  

My partner and I had talked about what we wanted  done with our ashes after we died and he thought an apple tree would be good to put his ashes around.   I ordered a flowering crab tree from the nursery and it arrived the middle of May.   This past week I dug a hole by the rock wall  and planted the tree.  Then with his ashes in hand I sat on the steps, wept a few tears, spoke to him for a bit then placed the ashes around the tree.   It was very sad. 

The leaves are only just now coming out on the trees.  There have been more icebergs in the bays than ever seen before, according to some people.  This of course keeps it a bit chilly when the wind is coming off the ocean.   I had new shingles put on the roof this past week.   A great relief as there had been leaks and I can't count the times I've been up on the roof patching cracks.

We had a nice day yesterday so I managed to stain the floor of the back deck.   A job I've been anxious to do for weeks.   Still lots to do as always. 

So, that's a few highlights of what's been happening.   Here's a few pictures ...........