Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've absolutely nothing to blog about as nothing much has been happening. I can say that the weather has been marvelous. A few days ago I was sitting outside with just a t-shirt on and today it's suppose to go to 17 C. Fantastic for the end of October. Not many leaves left on the trees, loads on the ground though. So pretty, all the orange, reds and golds.

The old fellow who is in California has phoned a couple of times. He seems to be enjoying himself. Temperatures there around 85F. My father has phoned everyday and twice some days to make sure I'm okay. lol. Daughter will be coming tomorrow, can't wait!

I've been preparing for the party on Friday night. I've pre-made some of the food and now must do some decorating. I did go out this morning a take a few pictures.

ooooh, I came across a couple of little houses. I do believe the fairies are making use of them, lol.


And one of the ever present woodies.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunny October Day

Up before dawn as usual. Temperature hovering just above zero. Fed cats, put fire in then got my morning coffee. Yesterday was just beautiful. Not a cloud in the clear blue sky and when I looked at the thermometer it was 15 degrees. Can't ask for better than that this time of year.

I finally got to do some more stuff outside yesterday morning. Rolled up the garden hose and now that's put away for the winter. I put the rest of the garden ornaments away, emptied pots and have them stacked ready to store in the greenhouse, raked leaves, not many left on the trees now but loads on the ground. Every time I get leaves raked into a pile, as soon as my back is turned, the chickens kick them all over the place, lol. These nice warm sunny days they spend a lot of time on the deck stretched out basking in the warmth of the sun.

Then some friends dropped by for coffee. After that I pretty well relaxed for the rest of the day as I figured I'd done enough. Getting over this cold nicely now and didn't want to overdo it as I'm apt to do.

Golden Glow of Sunrise on Jay.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've Been SICK!!!

Roger had a cold or flu for the whole week before he left on Sunday past and when I got up that Sunday morning my throat was very sore and I felt as if I was coming down with something dreadful. Monday throat was worse, whole body worse. Then it hit me with a vengeance. Head and nose stuffed up, couldn't breathe through my nose in fact, still can't taste or smell anything, even my gums were aching. I slept and rested just about all week being too sick and weak to do anything else. Woke up this morning and realized that I was breathing through my nose and felt better than I had all week. Phoned my parents to tell them that I was on the mend and felt pretty darn good as they were phoning every day and my father was losing sleep worrying about me. I did some household chores that I hadn't been able to get at since Sunday and I'm feeling better and better as the day goes on.

I had run out of cat food this morning and the cats were going to their bowls, then looking up at me as if to say "What's going on here, NO FOOD!" lol. They can sure give you a case of the guilts. So, I phoned the corner store and they delivered cat food and a few other things I needed. Filled the cat dishes and all heads were down in the bowls and bums up.

We had some wet snow a couple of days ago, at least I think it was a couple of days ago but it didn't stay on the ground. Today it's cold and crisp with a milky sky so after having a bit of a read and a nap after lunch I thought I'd go outside for a walk around. I hadn't been getting much fresh air all week and it was pure joy to suck the beautiful clean air into my lungs. Not a sign of any insects, guess I've seen the last of them for this year. I took some pictures of the colours around me. Nothing spectacular but pretty none the less.

One of the paths we've made and the woods man over by the stream looks like they need re-doing. Something that will have to wait until spring.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Sun Shiny Day

Woke up to +3C this morning. It's turned out to be a glorious day once again. Tomorrow himself will be going on his holiday. Monday he had come down with a dreadful cold or flu. A rare thing for either of us. He had fever off and on but by Thursday was feeling quite good. Then yesterday it came back with a vengeance but today he's feeling very much better. I know he's feeling better because he hasn't stopped talking since he got out of bed. lol. I've been taking echinacea three times a day hoping to ward it off.....fingers crossed! I went to the library and took out some movies, got myself a bottle of wine and now I'm all set for next week when I can haul back on the chesterfield and chill out, lol. This afternoon I've invited a few friend in for Irish Coffee and snacks, sort of a farewell and have a good trip for the old fellow.

I went outside for a walk around. How beautiful with so many colours on the ground and the air so fresh and crisp. Walked over by the stream. It was very quiet, just the sound of trickling water and the smells of autumn were strong and beautiful. It was magical.

Stream with leaves on water.

Fern in autumn colour.

Quite a few mushrooms about.

A friend gave me some bulbs last spring and they are now blooming. Don't know what they are though.

Chick a dee


Bits and pieces.

And the little imp. Don't know why he has chewed holes in the top of the feeder as it comes up so easily.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A little bit of scenery.

We went to a community about 14 klms away to get groceries yesterday afternoon and for once I decided to take the camera. So, a few scenes along the way.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Not only were the crows making an awful racket in the woods yesterday morning but a little chick a dee flew into the window in the door. He was obviously stunned but still clinging to the wood going around one of the panes. I went out and gently took him off. What fragile little creatures, so tiny. So I took him over to one of the platform feeders, put him up on that, then stood watching over him. Fortunately after a matter of minutes he came to his senses and flew off.

So, in the afternoon we were off to a flea market held in one of the parking lots in the community. Quite a crowd there, in fact you had to push yourself through the people to get to see what was on the tables. I expect it will be the last one of these for this year. So now I have to show off my purchases, lol.

An interesting mug.

A lovely bowl.

Six of these glasses.

And this coffee grinder.

Another pictures of the squirrel. I see him there and can't resist taking pictures. Very cheeky squirrel.

Racket in the woods.

What a noise coming from the woods over by the stream yesterday morning. Nothing for it but to take a video. You will have to turn on your speakers as there is not much to see in the way of crows but quite a lot of noise from them.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I've hurt my hip...yep! I expect it's from using the big shovel to dig up some of the bushes and lugging heavy stuff around the garden trying to prepare for winter. I've been trying to take it very easy this past few days and do little outside work, difficult for me as I want everything done yesterday. However, I think I'm ready to roll again....if I just don't over do things. I've insulated the hens greenhouse door and now have to do their hen house window. Got to make the girls comfortable over the winter. We took off the screen door and put up the storm door this morning. It's one of those old fashioned wooden ones my father made years ago and very heavy. With much muttering between the two of us we managed to get it put on.

I've been wanting to paint the kitchen ceiling for months. I've had the paint and brushes at the ready, but can't seem to make the effort. Then I realized that I needed a drop cloth to cover everything up so that's an excuse not to get at it until I buy one of those, lol.

The days have a chill to them now. I haven't seen any bees for a few days so I'm thinking their time is over for this year. The birds are eating loads of food from the feeders as well, particularly the black oil sunflower seeds. I expect they are loading up on it to help keep them warm these cold nights. I'm seeing a few more Juncos around as well. The fall blooming flowers are starting to look a wee bit raggedy around the edges so I don't expect they will last much longer.

I have been taking a few pictures. Nothing new and exciting I'm afraid. A few of the regulars.