Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Handful of Mischief.

This is Tommy.   The story goes like this......there's a woman I know in a nearby town who, for this past few years, has been catching all the homeless and feral cats, having them spayed and neutered and finding homes for them.   There was one female left.   She's being trying to catch this one for two years and finally, a while back, managed to get her.   The thing is, the cat had four kittens with her.   So, a couple of weeks ago, I get a phone call asking if I knew anyone who could take a kitten.   Only a good home of course.   She had found a good home for the Mother and one of the babies.   She described the kittens and I said I would take the orange tabby.   The next day I was telling friends about the situation and they took two.   So, here we are with this bundle of joy.  The other cats have their noses out of joint but are coming around to accepting this little fluff ball.   He's into everything.   The only time I get any peace is when he's asleep.  Not only does he think I'm his mother but also his play toy.    A few pictures of the little dear.