Friday, September 21, 2012

We are still having lovely warm sunny days although it cools down some overnight.   The leaves on the trees seem to be turning brown and dropping off instead of giving us some colour.   I'm hoping we will still get some colour before October comes and goes.   The Blue Jays seem frantic for food these days.  It's all I can do to keep food in the feeders.  Some say it's a sign that we're going to have a bad winter.   The Rowan trees didn't produce any berries maybe because of a hard frost we had in Spring.   Nothing says fall to me like the red berries on the Rowan trees.

I've been trying to get the garden put to bed for the winter but it's going slowly.  We've had company again for a few days.  I'll be taking a break and going into St. John's next week so I'm looking forward to that.  Otherwise things are going along as usual.

A few pictures from around the garden.

Thanks to my friend Pete who sometimes gives me ideas like this one.

This beautiful Orb Weaver has had it's web on the deck for ages.

And, a wonderful surprise when I looked out the window one day.  A Northern Flicker.  A rare sight for me.

Friday, September 07, 2012


We have company from Nova Scotia staying with us for a few days so decided to go to Salvage, a small community about 5 miles away.  It was a beautiful day with a wee bit of a bite in the wind.   Some pictures.