Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a dull day with a wintery looking sky. It appeared that we might get a bit of sun a few times during the day as the cloud seemed to be breaking a little. Alas, it was not to happen.

A few days ago I thought it might be a good time to put some more xmas lights outside as himself is in St. John's this week and wouldn't be here to get in my way. I hauled out a couple of lengths of lights, got the ladder and put the lights over and down one of the archways. I had a good laugh at myself because of the gyrations I had to do while up on the ladder, to get the strings of lights tied on. I was thinking if I fell and knocked myself out and had broken legs, I wonder how long it would take someone to find me, lol. I sometimes think I'm a 20 year old and invincible.

Then I found a 6 ft. artificial tree to put on the deck. I got that set up, put strings of outdoor lights on it and I was off to the races. I then found some poinsettias, put those in two long planters and "bobs your uncle", it's all done, except for wreaths on the doors. We don't usually decorate outside but this year we thought we'd go all out.

Not many birds around these days. Four pairs of jays, hairy and downy woodpeckers and chick a dees are back and forth to the feeders all day long. I expect when the snow flies there will be more of a variety. I did get a few pictures this past couple of days.

Chick a Dee. It's difficult to capture these little creatures with the camera as they don't stay still for long.

Blue Jay.

Hairy Woodpecker.



That's it! One of the cats near me is breaking wind and I have to get out of here. It stinks!!!! I have a good idea who the culprit is, lol.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Few Pictures

Not much happening around here. We put up icicle xmas lights along the roof yesterday. It was a beautiful day and not that cold so we figured why wait until it's bitterly cold and probably snowing to do it. Early this morning, while it was still dark, we turned them on and went outside to see how they looked. We both agreed that they looked very pretty especially against the new house colour. I'll be doing one of the archways with fairy lights and putting a xmas tree on the deck with lots of lights.

The word is, that there is a bear still hanging around. We haven't seen it but the woman just down the road has had her garbage torn up again and the people across the road have seen it in their driveway. They should all be heading off to hibernate by the end of the month.

A touch of frost.

Lunaria Coins

The look of Autumn

Still hanging on.

These berries always remind me of jewels.


One of the brothers settling down for his afternoon nap.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It's been another lovely day. We had planned on going to Gander tomorrow for shopping but realized it was Remembrance Day, a holiday so I don't know if much will be opened. We've now decided to go on Thursday.

Today we got the lawn mower put away for the winter. I cut back some more of the perennials and raked up leaves for the compost. I don't say I'll get much more done now but am satisfied with how things have gone so far. At one point I was starting to panic a bit thinking I wouldn't get much done but now I can sit back and relax.

The cats are just about back to normal re: the cold they had. Himself is also looking much better.

A few pictures taken of the sky this morning.

My Christmas Cactus is now blooming.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Brilliant Day.

I expect it's the bit of snow on the ground that's putting me in the Christmas spirit today. We've been talking about putting the outside Xmas lights up and I've been thinking of hauling out all my craft supplies once again to make a few gifts. It's the most beautiful day, clear blue sky although quite chilly. We woke up to temperature at -6 C this morning and it hasn't gone up much since then.

The cats are getting over their colds thankfully. They've been pretty miserable. Stuffed up noses, sneezing and lack of appetite. If only we could explain to them why they were feeling so sick and that it would be all over soon. Roger is looking much better today. Things are starting to look up I think. Friends are coming to lunch so I must get a move on.

Malachi in window.


The Moon in blue sky.

Friday, November 06, 2009

It's Snowing.....

Looks like winter has arrived. It's been one heck of a week. Roger ended up in the hospital on Tuesday morning. We had to get a friend to drive him to Gander, an hour away, and take him to emergency. He had been up the two previous nights unable to breath and no sleep. The car was off the road because of problems and we were waiting on another car that we were buying. They kept him overnight and he came home the next afternoon. They couldn't figure if it was his heart or a hyatal hernia that was giving him the problem. They monitored his blood pressure all night and it was up quite a bit. He arrived home bearing pills for angina, blood pressure and cholesterol and pills to calm him down if it happens again. I think he was in a bit of a dither as he's not use to taking pills and now he's loaded down with them. He's having a hard time getting his head around it all if you ask me.

Then three of the cats came down with a cold. One went missing for almost three days and I was heart sick. He showed up today at lunchtime. I was almost in tears when I saw him. I figure he was feeling so sick that he hid away somewhere to get away from everyone. He's much better now than when he left. He, being the first one to come down with it.

Then, we picked up the new car this morning. Drove to Glovertown to the insurance company to get the paperwork done on the insurance. One of the agents came out to take a picture of the car for the files and saw that the gas tank was leaking. I couldn't believe it! We had to immediately come back home and take the car to the garage. It will be looked at later today.

And now it's snowing. We could get up to 25 cm.

Not much down yet.

Jays earlier this week.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Saturday Night!

Saturday morning dawned with clear skies. We were just sitting down having lunch when in through the door came Laurie totally unexpected. She had told me a few days before that she couldn't make it out this weekend. She decided to come after all and surprise me and what a surprise it was. It made my day!

The pumpkin.....I cut the rotting section out. It was on the side, and then made a false section out of tin foil to hold the stuffing in from falling out of the hole. It worked perfectly. I must say that I was well pleased with how it turned out as was everyone else. So that with a big salad and olive bread made a wonderful meal. Triffle for desert which was darn good as well.

It turned really mild during the evening, warm enough to open windows. The wind was very high, howling around the house and making the trees sing. It was a perfect setting for the evening.

The tree.

The cat in the hat.


The table.

The stuffed pumpkin.

Two of the crazy friends, lol.