Sunday, November 08, 2009

Brilliant Day.

I expect it's the bit of snow on the ground that's putting me in the Christmas spirit today. We've been talking about putting the outside Xmas lights up and I've been thinking of hauling out all my craft supplies once again to make a few gifts. It's the most beautiful day, clear blue sky although quite chilly. We woke up to temperature at -6 C this morning and it hasn't gone up much since then.

The cats are getting over their colds thankfully. They've been pretty miserable. Stuffed up noses, sneezing and lack of appetite. If only we could explain to them why they were feeling so sick and that it would be all over soon. Roger is looking much better today. Things are starting to look up I think. Friends are coming to lunch so I must get a move on.

Malachi in window.


The Moon in blue sky.


Dixxe's Doodles said...

There is a chill in the air here our overnight tempts are dipping in the high 30's...not quite as bad as -3!! UUUSSSSHH- but Im no stranger to norhtern winters so I know how bitter it can get! One good thing that comes out of the crisp cold air are the marvelous big blue skies and that fantastic moon you have photographed so wonderfully!!
Glad the critters are on the mend--

Tricia said...

Golly - 6!! Mind you, I'd rather have your temperature and blue sky than the grey, grey and grey we've had here today.

Wonderful woodie picture OC.

Glad to know that Himself and the furries are on the mend. Seems all is brightening up - just like your moon picture :D

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same feel in the sky over here today; Christmasy. Glad to hear everyone's on the mend on your patch!


Pete said...

-6? freeze. nice woodie.

and good about the cats and rog

Janine said...

Brr. Keep Roger and the kitties warm!

J said...

What a pretty kitty boy.
Glad all are doing better.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Glad the kitties are feeling better.

I stood behind a woman in a check out line Saturday who had just finished all her Christmas shopping. I haven't started. It just doesn't seem like Christmas here.

Jan said...

Oh OC so sorry to hear about Roger and the cats, seems like a bad time all round for us right now. Hope they continue to improve. We had minus 4c here last night and freezing fog this morning, but it cleared and was beautiful all day, so I guess yours came across the Atlantic again.