Thursday, March 17, 2011

Snowy Saturday.

Wednesday, being a lovely day, I decided to cut some branches for our Ostara tree. It was a few days early but it makes me feel like spring is here. I was quite happy with the results and so was himself. Later in the evening we heard a crash.......Oh No! The tree was down, wooden, tin and plastic eggs of all sizes rolling all over the floor. Mini wooden bunnies scattered here and there and five cats banging the eggs back and forth across the living room with their eyes sparkling. How did it come down? The culprit was Malachi! Guess he figured he'd make it a fun evening for the rest of them.

Tree before the crash.

I now have it put up and decorated once again but have changed the spot it's in. Hopefully it won't come crashing down again.

Thursday I made an Irish Soda Bread and it was very much enjoyed by both of us with butter and jam.

This is a funny time of year for me. I'm waiting to get out in the garden and it seems to be taking so long to do so. But then I have to stop and say to is only March after all. Never the less, I can't wait to get a shovel in the ground.

Today is a bit of a miserable day. It's been snowing lightly most of the day. The only ones with any sense it seems are the cats. The five of them decided to go to bed, lol.

I noticed this morning that the pussy willows were coming out...a sure sign that Spring isn't far away. So, tomorrow morning we will do some drumming to wake Mother Nature and a small ritual in honor of the Spring Equinox.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, there are signs of spring. Not only have the woodpeckers been drumming but there is life in some of the plants. ie: this Honeysuckle.

A good bit of ground is showing up now as the snow has been shrinking. We are going to get more snow later today and tonight but it shouldn't last long....I hope!

Laurie had her best friend since Grade 8 visiting from New Brunswick last week and they came out here for a few days. It was lovely to have them both here. It brought back so many memories. Other than that there's not a whole lot going on these days.

Along with the regulars at the feeders, the Brown Creeper is here every day and there's been a lone Redpoll. I don't know where he's come from.


The little mischief.

And as you can see, it is now snowing.

If the weather is good tomorrow we are going to the beach to gather some bags of sea weed for the garden. I figure I might as well get a head start on this.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


I had a large flock of these birds this morning. I think they're Redpolls. Lovely little birds.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Stormy weather.

It's a stormy, blustery, snowy day. It's suppose to rain about noon, then turn to snow again. Himself decided to finally take the new camera out of the box this morning. As it came with it's own battery and charger I mentioned that the battery may need charging. I asked to look at the basics manual and it did say that the battery would need charging first. I told this to himself as he was inspecting the camera. I could see he was getting agitated already just holding the camera in his hands. He says between gritted teeth and in as loud a voice as he could muster, "I don't need the battery charged." I say " can't operate the camera with out the battery in it." Said he, "I'm not going to operate the camera until I learn all about it." lol, lol, lol, lol, to tell the truth, I had to walk away before I burst out laughing. Sigh! best to leave the dear man alone me thinks.

As I mentioned, it was pretty stormy earlier this morning. Once it was light I noticed a few little Juncos trying to get down through the snow on the platform feeder to find food. Nothing for it but to bundle up and go out with brush and containers of seed. I could hardly stand up at times as the wind was almost blowing me over and with that, snow beating in my face. Anyway I managed to fill feeders and it wasn't long before birds started arriving. Yesterday morning there were six woodpeckers on one tree just outside the bathroom windows. The crows arrived and they were chasing each other doing acrobatics around, over and between the trees. What a sight. They are so competent. Then they had breakfast and left.

The only picture I have today is this one taken this morning of a woodie and the boreal chick a dee.