Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, there are signs of spring. Not only have the woodpeckers been drumming but there is life in some of the plants. ie: this Honeysuckle.

A good bit of ground is showing up now as the snow has been shrinking. We are going to get more snow later today and tonight but it shouldn't last long....I hope!

Laurie had her best friend since Grade 8 visiting from New Brunswick last week and they came out here for a few days. It was lovely to have them both here. It brought back so many memories. Other than that there's not a whole lot going on these days.

Along with the regulars at the feeders, the Brown Creeper is here every day and there's been a lone Redpoll. I don't know where he's come from.


The little mischief.

And as you can see, it is now snowing.

If the weather is good tomorrow we are going to the beach to gather some bags of sea weed for the garden. I figure I might as well get a head start on this.


ShySongbird said...

I hope that snow soon leaves you in peace and you get some real Spring before too long OC. Lovely photos of the Squirrel and also of the Redpoll on the last post.

Laurie said...

so much for spring! Snow down again sigh.

Sondra said...

I really enjoyed your photos..thats a red squirrel?
Spring is full underway we expect rain and its grey and dull...yesterday it was hazy--soon it will get hot and stay hot for 6 months..that part I DONT look forward to! I bet it was Great to have your daughter visit--

Victoria said...

Signs of spring are starting to show here, too, even though we're supposed to get more snow this weekend.

Great that your daughter and her friend came for a visit, and I love the photos, especially the close-up of the adorable little squirrel.

Tricia said...

It's so exciting when we see the first growth each year.. promise of things to come :D

Great to have had Laurie and her friend up... good fun by the sounds of it.

(And Mr. Mischief is still as cute as ever) :D

Pete said...

Snow STILL?? will it never end.

ah Mr Squidgy! lovely!

Ali said...

It's definitely Spring here in central England. If we could just get more sun than cloud, we'd be set. Nice to see photos of Squirrel Nutkin. We saw a fat, cheeky Robin on our walk today. The English robins are less than half the size of the North American variety, but just as bold.