Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blustery Snowy Day!

Snow is coming down quite nicely at the moment. It's suppose to change to showers later today, then back to flurries. It's a day that calls for Lentil Soup and Dumplings. The temperature has warmed up considerably. I filled all the feeders quite early this morning hoping the birds would arrive before the feeders filled with snow. Only after it started snowing did a lot of Juncos arrive. This one filling up.

This fellow bundled up going for his morning walk. At least if he gets lost, he'll be easy to find with that bright yellow jacket on, lol.

It started to warm up a bit yesterday afternoon so the chickens got out for a while. Given the bitterly cold weather we'd been having, they had been in their greenhouse area each day. Then this morning before the snow started I had let them out again and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Clucking away and coming up on the deck.

The furry species aren't too happy with it all. What's a cat to do........

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow on the Way!

We had planned on going to Gander on Thursday to pick up bird food, groceries and a few things I needed as it was suppose to be a lovely day. When we checked the weather report yesterday morning it was calling for snow on Thursday, a complete turn about, so on the spur of the moment we decided to get ready and head off right away. The highway was clear and dry just like on a lovely summer day. We picked up cat litter and large bags of bird seed, so much cheaper there and well worth the price of gas for the savings. The groceries however are another story. What we came out of the supermarket with for $102.00 is not worth talking about. I said to himself that I couldn't believe the price of the little we bought. I've heard many people say that the price of food is going up all the time. I was thinking that I'd have to go back to my old ways when I didn't have much money and could make wonderful meals out of little or nothing. Use to amaze people.

Yesterday afternoon the Federal Budget came down. Roger has been in a rant every since. I've simply had to walk away and let him rant to the cats. And they don't give a bugger as they just sleep through it.

So, he, gets bundled up this morning to walk to the store. It's a half an hours walk each way and it's still bitterly cold with a wind on top of that. He leaves and about fifteen minutes later comes bursting through the door having a hissy fit, throwing gloves, hat, scarves, etc. all over the place. I'm at the sink finishing washing the dishes and turn around looking at him. He says "I had to go pee and it was too cold to take my gloves off and go in the bushes so I had to walk back." I told him nicely that he should spend the winters in Spain with his daughter and that I'd be perfectly okay here by myself. lol He promptly shut up.

So, on to a few pictures.

Big cat now has little cat friend.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I can't say that there's much happening these days either inside or out. Damn cold and the wind cold enough to cut you in two, as the saying goes. Just trying to keep warm and dreaming of spring. Thankfully this month is nearly over, February is a short month and with March one is filled with hope that spring is not far off.

A few pictures. Junco, lots around now. Back and forth to feeders all day long.

Saw the "Little Poser" on one of the feeders this morning so braved the bitter wind to take a few pictures.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Early this morning we were on our way to the shops. Why, you might ask, well, let me back up a bit. Yesterday morning I was doing several loads of laundry and had a few t-shirts and pullovers belonging to himself to wash so I in my ultimate wisdom decided to throw in a bit of bleach to brighten said things up. When the wash had finished and I took his clothes out I saw that one, a new one, that was suppose to be a slate blue colour was now a mixture of shades. So I say to myself, I'd better go and tell him about this before he sees it and the fight starts, lol. So, with hat in hand....erm, sweater in hand, I go to the bedroom where he is fussing with something or other.

"Ah, " says I, "I've done a terrible thing."
"What are you talking about", says he.
Holding the sweater aloft I explain that my use of bleach in the wash has ruined his sweater.
"Noooooooo," he yells with hands over face, "That's my very favorite sweater and I was going to wear it to the party on Saturday night."
"Sorry," I say, "Maybe we can find you another much like this one."

So off we went this morning and he did find one. Not exactly the same but one he's happy with.

I took the camera as I thought I might see the Eagle again or the ducks but saw neither. I did get some shots of a few things we saw, mostly ice.

Ice on Ocean.

Gulls on Ice.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Frozen Pipe and Working oven.

The drainpipe going from the bathtub must be frozen in the trap area. These -20C night time temperatures did it no doubt. We tried everything but no luck getting it freed up. Apparently the temperatures are to rise to +6 C tonight so with any luck the ice might melt. I don't hold out much hope though.

After waiting a month the men finally arrived this morning to fix my oven. A friend tried to fix it in December after we bought a universal thermostat. It didn't work! Hence the call to the repair man, which if I'd had any sense I'd have done in the first place. First thing when they came through the door and saw the stove were words like, "Oh dear, oh dear," My, oh my, oh my" and "Now me darlin, who told you to buy this thermostat.", " Who put this on for you my love." Well, after explaining it all they went to work and in no time it was fixed. Apparently the thermostat that was sold to me, for about $100.00, wasn't for my stove and the guys said it's a wonder the house wasn't blown up and as the friend that tried to put it on the stove had to cut pieces off it to get it to fit, I couldn't bring it back to the store for a refund. So after all was said an done and they had put a proper thermostat on the bill was $230.00. Not much I could do but get it baked macaroni and cheese for supper with a salad, lol.

My glorious Crows haven't been around for a while so I put out some dried cat food hoping to entice them. It worked! Some pictures of the beauties.

Lots of Juncos around now. I made up some of these onion bags filled with food.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birds and Cold Weather

All my concern about the lack of birds this past while was put to rest yesterday. Dare I say that there were hundreds at the feeders. Gold finches, Grosbeaks, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Chick a Dees, Juncos. I dare say it was because on getting up yesterday morning the outside thermometer was reading -20 C.

Pictures of frost on two of the windows.

Some bird pictures from yesterday.
Gold finch

Chick a Dee and Gold finch



And of course.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pine Siskins, I think!

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe these are Pine Siskins. Yesterday was the first time since last winter that I've seen them. Also the American Gold finches were back. Quite a crowd of them. No pictures though.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arrival of Winter

I'm beginning to feel guilty about not blogging more often but to be honest, there's nothing much happening in the way of excitement. I had to get new carpeting for the steps as the cats had the last lot all shredded once again and it was looking disgusting. Foot long strands hanging down over each step. I bought what I thought was a light brown but now that it's put down, it looks grey. Not only that but the guy at the shop must have cut it wrong. I put it on the first three steps going into the kitchen and it fit, then did the steps going into the guest room and it was about 4 inches too short. I know I didn't make a mistake in measuring as I have to replace these bits of carpet about three times a year and know exactly the size.

This past two days I've had so much energy that I hardly know what to do with myself so I decided to spring clean. Yes, I know it's a bit early but hey ho, if I have this much energy in another couple of months I can do it again, lol.

We went to a nearby town a couple of days ago as I had a large bag of clothes to bring to the Goodwill. I have to put a sign up somewhere saying "Take Camera". We saw a bald Eagle and some salt water ducks that I hadn't seen before. I was kicking myself all the way back home. I always figure, "Nah, I won't bother. I won't see anything."

The Grosbeaks are here most days now. We had a bit of a snow storm yesterday. I was running out from time to time clearing the platform feeder but gave up after a while as it was filling in with snow as fast as I was brushing it off. Then I had to clear the snow off the hens greenhouse roof three times. It's not much fun lugging a ladder around when you're in a bit of a blizzard with snow lashing in your face.

And so this morning.

The little beastie has the top of the feeder chewed up.

After storm stopped yesterday.

Friday, January 09, 2009


Another lovely day! Can hardly believe that it's January 9th. We got the leak in the bathroom fixed, which was a relief. The doctors office called regarding the blood tests and secretary said the doctor wanted to see me. Made an appointment for Wednesday past, arrived at 10:30 wondering how many things were wrong with me. It was a bit scary waiting for the moment of truth, lol. To be honest, I was sure that my cholesterol must be too high and was saying to Roger that I would probably be on a strict diet. Well, my cholesterol was fine as was everything else except.....I have an under active Thyroid. You could have knocked me down with a feather. So, I'm on a pill a day and in three months will have to have another blood test to see if any adjustments need to be made to the medicine.

The Evening Grosbeaks have been here just about every day lately. A good many Juncos as well. Still, not a lot of Chick a Dees or Blue Jays.

All males, don't know where the females are.

Little cutie was here again yesterday.

We went to Gander early this morning, sun just coming up. A few pictures taken on the way.