Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow on the Way!

We had planned on going to Gander on Thursday to pick up bird food, groceries and a few things I needed as it was suppose to be a lovely day. When we checked the weather report yesterday morning it was calling for snow on Thursday, a complete turn about, so on the spur of the moment we decided to get ready and head off right away. The highway was clear and dry just like on a lovely summer day. We picked up cat litter and large bags of bird seed, so much cheaper there and well worth the price of gas for the savings. The groceries however are another story. What we came out of the supermarket with for $102.00 is not worth talking about. I said to himself that I couldn't believe the price of the little we bought. I've heard many people say that the price of food is going up all the time. I was thinking that I'd have to go back to my old ways when I didn't have much money and could make wonderful meals out of little or nothing. Use to amaze people.

Yesterday afternoon the Federal Budget came down. Roger has been in a rant every since. I've simply had to walk away and let him rant to the cats. And they don't give a bugger as they just sleep through it.

So, he, gets bundled up this morning to walk to the store. It's a half an hours walk each way and it's still bitterly cold with a wind on top of that. He leaves and about fifteen minutes later comes bursting through the door having a hissy fit, throwing gloves, hat, scarves, etc. all over the place. I'm at the sink finishing washing the dishes and turn around looking at him. He says "I had to go pee and it was too cold to take my gloves off and go in the bushes so I had to walk back." I told him nicely that he should spend the winters in Spain with his daughter and that I'd be perfectly okay here by myself. lol He promptly shut up.

So, on to a few pictures.

Big cat now has little cat friend.


flydragon said...

I can't understand about the price of groceries, either. They were raised when the gasoline prices went through the roof, but never came back down when the gasoline did. And they still keep going up. Something is sure screwy there.

Cicero Sings said...

My Mom could cook something out of nothing too! Tasty stuff!

Food prices have gotten a little out of hand, I agree.

Himself sounds like he needs a little, sun break somewhere ... to calm his ruffled spirits.

Tricia said...

Going shopping has a completely different tone to it where you are than it does over here!!

And they're forecasting snow for us on Monday - probably just a "sugar coating" compared to yours OC.

I like big cat's new friend. A regular "puss in boots" :D