Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arrival of Winter

I'm beginning to feel guilty about not blogging more often but to be honest, there's nothing much happening in the way of excitement. I had to get new carpeting for the steps as the cats had the last lot all shredded once again and it was looking disgusting. Foot long strands hanging down over each step. I bought what I thought was a light brown but now that it's put down, it looks grey. Not only that but the guy at the shop must have cut it wrong. I put it on the first three steps going into the kitchen and it fit, then did the steps going into the guest room and it was about 4 inches too short. I know I didn't make a mistake in measuring as I have to replace these bits of carpet about three times a year and know exactly the size.

This past two days I've had so much energy that I hardly know what to do with myself so I decided to spring clean. Yes, I know it's a bit early but hey ho, if I have this much energy in another couple of months I can do it again, lol.

We went to a nearby town a couple of days ago as I had a large bag of clothes to bring to the Goodwill. I have to put a sign up somewhere saying "Take Camera". We saw a bald Eagle and some salt water ducks that I hadn't seen before. I was kicking myself all the way back home. I always figure, "Nah, I won't bother. I won't see anything."

The Grosbeaks are here most days now. We had a bit of a snow storm yesterday. I was running out from time to time clearing the platform feeder but gave up after a while as it was filling in with snow as fast as I was brushing it off. Then I had to clear the snow off the hens greenhouse roof three times. It's not much fun lugging a ladder around when you're in a bit of a blizzard with snow lashing in your face.

And so this morning.

The little beastie has the top of the feeder chewed up.

After storm stopped yesterday.


Cicero Sings said...

We had a very similar feeder and a very similar beasty chewed it up too! Now we have a beasty proof sunflower seed feeder ... it works too.

Not much to talk about this side either ... for photograph. I need to get more creative I guess.

Dang ... about the rug.

Tricia said...

Your Grosbeaks are such cheery looking birds sporting their sunny yellow feathers!

And as for Little Cutie - I think he's wearing that feeder rather than feeding from it!

Lovely picture OC and as entertaining as ever!

(and sorry about your carpet! maddening)

Janine said...

Thats always the way of it, whenever you dont have the camera or its out of reach, you see fantastic things. Great shots of the grosbeaks btw.