Saturday, April 28, 2012

If at First you Don't Succeed.......

I'm giving it another go.  This trying to figure out the changes in blogger is doing me.  So...............this is a cutie in the garden.  There seems to be quite a few of them these days.  I expect to see the young ones once again this year.  They are so cute but absolutely heedless.  They seem to have no fear which could be their undoing.  This one appears to be an adult and likely living in the shed up behind the house.  I see signs of squirrels there all the time. 

Yesterday I saw the first butterfly of the season.  Yelled to himself to run in and get my camera but it had disappeared before I could take a picture.  Later as I was doing a bit of weeding I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and there it was again.  Luckily I had kept the camera outside so quickly got it and luckily the butterfly landed long enough for me to get a shot. 

Well, this post seems to be working out okay.  Maybe I've conquered it!  Looks like the sun is coming through so I'm off to do some gardening.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Once again I've accidentally turned his white underwear pink...oh dear, oh dear!   What ever will he say.   Well, the weather has been wonderful!  Some days have been almost like summer.  There's a strong wind blowing today so the laundry is all out on the line and drying very fast. 

Last week I spent the better part of a morning building a Bug Hotel.  I'm very pleased with it but I still have places to fill in.

Tuesday after supper there was a grouse in the garden.  They blend in so well with their surroundings.  Such lovely birds.

I give up.  I am so fed up with Blogger.  I can't seem to get below this picture to continue to write.
Sorry folks!  And, I can't move the picture to the centre of the page, only left or right.  It's enough to make a person give it all up.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Woe is Me.

2012 has not been a good year so far.....January, himself had a heart attack, then he found out he has diabetes. February, the new part of the house that I had done last year (three rooms), built up ice in the attic. Once the heat got up there, it melted, coming down ceiling, walls and across the floor. The wooden floor in the "sitting" room had to come up and everything had to dry out. So, that done, last week the ceiling was redone, plastered and all that stuff. A couple of days ago the guy came to paint it and I said that he wouldn't be painting anything that day because we had heavy rain the night before and the ceiling was leaking again. He had to cut a hole in the ceiling so the water could drain, now nothing can be done until they find out what's going on. And, it all has to dry out once again. I was close to tears. I have company coming this weekend and a week after that more company coming for a few days.

One good thing, the weather has warmed up and a lot of the snow disappeared yesterday. I put new plastic on the green house doors which I had been anxious to do. Today I'll haul all of the garden ornaments and pots out so I can prepare the soil in the greenhouse for planting. A friend, who is an avid gardener, dropped by early yesterday morning. He said he was so anxious to get out at the garden that he was tempted to go and measure how much snow was left so he could get an idea on when he could dig in the ground. I told him that I knew just how he felt.

The fox sparrows are around now so this is always a sign of spring for me. The birds all seem to be very active. I noticed the other day that the pussy willows are coming out.



We had a bad wind and rain storm overnight a while back. We lost the electrical power over night so getting up at my usual hour, before daylight, I had to light a few candles. I thought this one looked rather pretty.

I also liked the look of this in the semi darkness.

And last but not least, some neat finds at a second hand shop.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cat in Love

Our little female (fixed) cat Freya is smitten with a handsome (unfixed) male cat that comes around. When she knows he's outside she wants to go out and they sit together on the deck. It's so funny. So, this morning he got up on the window ledge outside and she saw him there. The picture says it all....