Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bloody miserable two days!

Well, it all started yesterday daughter emailed me saying she wasn't coming out this weekend because she had to finish some paintings. Now, that I can handle, but this is the third weekend in a row. You get all excited and on a high, then bang. All gone! Then, shortly after this, I get word that my brother, who is visiting my parents in the city and had planned on coming out here on Friday and see me before he flew home figured he couldn't make it. Then, I had taken some pictures of the garden and the computer wouldn't take them off the camera. I then looked up the flippin Users Guide for the camera. It said I would have to re-install the software. Didn't have a clue how to do that. So here I was, sunk in the depths of depression. I figured the only thing for it was to go shopping. What did I do??? Why I bought myself a hair colour. Light Amber Brown. I felt much better and not only that, I was going to be a new woman when I put this wonderful color in. Now, my hair is a medium brown, but I had it streaked blonde a year or so ago, then of course there was the grey coming in. So early this morning I decide this is the time to do the job. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. You've seen pictures of plump older women with bright orange lipstick on, a cigarette dangling from their mouth and bright orange hair. How does that song go "Well it's cryin time again......." I expect I will be sporting a bag on my head for the next while. A bit of good news after all this, was talking to my brother and he says he will make a short visit here on Saturday. Yay!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thomas, a funny cat story

We found Thomas about twelve years ago living up in a small "cabin" we have up behind the house. We had been traveling for about a year and a half and when we came back we found him there and welcomed him in as part of the family. I must also add that he took our hearts. Both mine and my partner Rogers. To set up this senario, it was summer, about two years ago and my daughter, who lives in the city, had come out for the weekend. Saturday morning I was outside puttering around when unbeknownst to me Roger took a phone call from one of the neighbours saying that there was a dead cat on the road, having been run over by a car and she thought it might be one of ours. Again, without my knowledge, Roger got a garbage bag, just in case, and went off to check it out. Still puttering around the garden, I turned around and there was Roger, standing there with the bag and obviously something in it, with tears running down his face. I asked him what in the world was wrong. He said that it was Tommy and he was dead, then told me about the phone call. Going towards him I asked if he was sure it was Tommy, he said yes and you don't want to see him. Well, with that I went to pieces. Crying, wailing, stamping my feet, yelling "Why Tommy, Why Tommy!" My daughter came running and put her arms around me and calmed me down. Roger asked what we were going to do with him and I said I would get a shovel and we would bury him. I got the shovel and found a nice spot under a tree, then started digging a hole with tears running down my face. We put him in the ground saying our goodbyes then I went back in the house and Roger went to fix something on one of the windows outside. I was sitting a the kitchen table in the depth of depression. My daughter was in the living room, when all of a sudden she yelled "Mom, come here." I dragged myself out of the chair wondering what she was going on about and went to see. To my utter astonishment, there was Thomas. He had just come out of the bedroom where he had been asleep. We were all jubilant once we got over the initial shock. We found out the next day that we had buried the cat belonging to people down the road. The owner came up and I took her to the gravesite where we both had a cry. I told her the cat could remain there and she said that would be lovely.