Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day Pictures

Beautiful sunny day, no snow. It has been very spring like over Christmas. Chickens were enjoying the great weather. Even the cat was into what was left of the catnip.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

Macabre sense of humor

This is "The Family". They live on a shelf near the ceiling. They are very quiet during daylight hours, but at midnight they slip down off the shelf and make mischief . If you awaken before dawn and listen very carefully you can sometimes hear tiny footsteps rushing here and there and the rustling of their clothing. Occasionally you will hear a thump when something has been accidentally knocked over. On arising in the morning you will see that they are all safely back in place on the shelf.

This brings back a memory of when I first moved in with Roger. We were both living in the city at the time and he had a boarding house. The boarders were mostly people from the insane asylum whom the authorities in their ultimate wisdom deemed it ok to let them out as long as they took their medication. I took it into my head one day to make a two foot high old lady doll with great bulging eyes and grey hair, all frazzled out. When she was finished, I made a fake knife and attached it to her hand. The guys had their rooms on the second floor of the house and had to go up so many steps then there was a landing then a few more steps. So....over the landing I hung a macramé plant hanger and sat the doll in it. To tell the truth, I thought it was rather cute. After a while Rogers says, "What have you done, the guys are doing double takes and rushing past that creature, you will have them sent back to the hospital." I thought everyone would get a great laugh out of it......not so. Well, what can I say, that's my macabre sense of humor.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

xmas fun






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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Dec. 5th

Well, I really must continue on for a moment about yesterday. I went out to let the chickens out into their greenhouse area, when I got inside the greenhouse didn't the door slam shut making the latch come down over the hook and there I was locked in with the chickens. I had just a brief moment of panic I must admit. Yelled out hoping Roger might hear me but he was in the bathroom getting washed up. Well, I thought, eventually he will wonder where I was and come looking but then thought he would probably just turn on the TV or radio to get the news, make breakfast, etc, forgetting me entirely. I just burst out laughing with the thought of it all. So I said to myself, you can get yourself out of this if you just stop and think. I spied a piece of thin wood lying on the floor, then managed to push it out through a very thin opening where the top of the door meets the main part of the greenhouse. I was able to bang on the latch and popped open. Now to the snow storm. Woke up to a lot of heavy snow down and still snowing. The electricity had been knocked out and consequently we had no water as the main pump in the community is run by electricity. We spent a good part of the morning shoveling snow and finally got it all done. The electricity and water came back on about 2:00 pm. What a day! More snow expected tonight.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Damn and Blast

While sitting at the computer this morning, enjoying my coffee and reading blogs I hear a great crash from the guest bedroom. Went running in to see what happened!!! On one wall I have two miniature doll houses, fully furnished. The two shelves were off the wall, houses, people in them, furniture, some broken up, all over the floor. What a flippin mess!! I'm inclined to blame one of the cats for trying to jump in one of the houses but see no guilty faces about. The morning will be taken up with trying to sort all of this out and I had already planned on making some seasonal wreaths, after shoveling more snow of course, yuk. Now a winter storm is expected overnight, jeez, is there no end to it. Woke up this morning full of aches and pains and wondering why until I remembered I was shoveling snow yesterday and up on the ladder pushing the damned stuff of the chickens roof. I'M GETTING TOO OLD FOR ALL THIS STUFF!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My week....

Started off on Wednesday for the nearest large town, wanted to get groceries in for the next month or so, look for presents for the family and one of the supermarkets had fake six foot xmas trees on sale for $15.00. We've had a fake tree for years as I don't like "killing" a live one. I know, I know, it smells lovely and all the rest of it, but I don't think it's necessary. Anyway, the old one has started to lose its needles so time for a new one and at that price I couldn't pass it up. Finished all the shopping and was coming out of the supermarket with a cart full of groceries and said tree. Now, normally when we empty the cart we put it back in the section for the carts. Well, it was quite windy and bitterly cold so I jumped in the car and let Roger put the groceries in the trunk. He being cold as well, got in the car and forgot to put the cart back. I happened to look back as we were driving off and a woman had one hand on the cart and was shaking a fist in the air, obviously cursing at us. So we arrived back home, I was putting stuff in the freezer when a voice came from the kitchen yelling "Come here quick". I ran in, the floor was full of water and the carpet I have under the kitchen table was soaked. Oh no, I thought, not a busted pipe. Then all of a sudden I realized that a jug of water I had on the floor had been tipped over by one of the cats. What a mess, groceries, and other items all over the kitchen and this mess. Got it all cleaned up eventually and had to roll the carpet back so it could dry. So, that night when Roger was getting washed, I hear the voice from the bathroom, "Come here quick." Oh God, I say, what now. NO HOT WATER! Called the plumber, he came the next morning and said the hot water tank had a leak in the top so had to get a new one. Jumped in the car and bought another one. They delivered it that night so next day the plumber came and it is now installed. He drained the old one, hauled it outside, hauled the new one in and set it up and he only charged $25.00. As to today, we are getting weather alerts that there is a system headed our way bringing up to 25 cm of snow. It's been snowing all morning and the chickens are very disgruntled as I haven't let them out of the "greenhouse" area. However, they have roosts there and the earth floor, lots of food and water and room to move around. Hopefully the worst of the snow will by-pass us. I really don't want to see it yet.