Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lughnasa, The First Harvest

Today is the celebration of the first harvest. There being, September 21st and October 31st. In honor of the grain I've made Rosemary Focaccia. A delightful Italian bread. We'll be having Rumpledethumps for supper. (Cooked potato, cabbage, broccoli, milk and butter all mashed together in a casserole with grated cheese on top, then into the oven.)

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day working in the garden. The first day I've really put any effort into it, extending the borders as the grass had grown right up to the plants. The one chicken that I have left was with me all the way, gobbling up any bugs that were uprooted. So nice to have someone to chat to while working.

I found this marvelous creature on one of the plants. It was almost the size of a bumble bee and I found out that it's a Sexton Beetle. The first one I've ever seen. I googled it and found it's quite a fascinating creature in that it can sniff out a dead animal from a mile or more away and burys it as a food source. It's also very family oriented (one of the few bugs that is) and protects and feeds its young. I ran for the camera hoping it would still be there when I got back out and it was.
Speaking of fascinating creatures, lol. You can see what the little imps have done to the sunflower seed feeder. Now, most of the squirrels simple lift the top off but someone can't seem to get his head around this idea so figures he has to eat a hole in the top and go down through. This is one of the smarter ones.

The rain poured out of the heavens last night and every once in a while lately I can feel a bit of fall in the air.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden, Beach and other stuff.

This past two days have been wonderful weather wise so we thought it would be a good opportunity to put the first coat of paint on the outside of the new extension. I have to pick up another gallon of paint today to put on a second coat the next fine day. I also re-did the hens greenhouse area with new plastic a job in itself. Up and down the ladder, reaching, twisting, and ending up with an aching body. Then took the opportunity to mow the lawn. I have to grab hold of these nice days and do as much as I can.

I'm disappointed with the garden this year. I can only blame it on the weather and myself. I haven't gotten a chance to really work on it.

We went down to the beach a few days ago. It's only about a three minute walk from the house and seldom anyone on it which makes it lovely for a walk where you can contemplate on many things while listening to the waves lap the shore.

Little Freya enjoying the sun.

The little imp.


And, last but not least....not for the faint of heart but I really couldn't resist.....Flies On Poop!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Herbs and other stuff.

I'm not even going to comment on the weather so lets just get past that! I had a lovely evening all to myself last night as himself had gone to the city for overnight. I watched a chick flick, had some wine and some finger food and had quite an enjoyable evening.

Yesterday while I was cleaning up some of the gardens I thought to myself that I should take a few pictures of some of the perennial herbs that I grow. I've been growing them for years and they are still coming up strong.

A warning to all who enter.


Valerian leaves.

Lemon Balm.

Ladies Mantle. When raindrops are on the leaves of this plant, they look like jewels.


Crown Vetch. Very invasive. It has lovely ball like pink flowers in late summer that makes me forgive their wandering ways.

Blue Skullcap.

Blessed Thistle.
Bee Balm. Spectacular when in bloom.

Angelica. Not the best picture as it's difficult to make out among other stuff. They've been re-seeding every year so I have more than a few around.




St. John's Wort.


We went to a flea market this past weekend and I picked up this delightful little bowl. Only one dollar.

There seems to be a lack of bees, butterflies and dragon flies this summer. I suspect it's the weather that's causing this. Lots of Blue jays back and forth though.

I think this may be two young ones.

A blinding light just came through the window. I do believe that the sun broke through. I'm off outside!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Company here and gone and more rain!

While bringing in armloads of wood this morning to get the fire going and get rid of the chill, I was thinking here it is the middle of July and I'm doing this!! We may get a bit of sun on Saturday. Maybe!

Monday was a beautiful day. Laurie arrived from St. John's and Hilary, Cameron and Jasper (the dog) arrived from Ontario. The cats were not happy to see a dog in the house. They took off for parts unknown and I found them on top of cupboards, in closets, etc. I have to say that the dog was very well behaved and didn't really bother the cats. He's a real sweetie.

Tuesday....rain! Wednesday....rain! They were going to stay until Thursday but decided to head for St. John's yesterday. I may see them again on their way across the island when they go back home. It was great to see them.

Two young squirrels were on the feeders yesterday and I'm wondering if they aren't the off spring of that nursing mother that I had here for days. I managed to get a few pictures. They were just so cute.

A female Pine Grosbeak was here the other day with the male. First time I've seen her this summer.
The Oriental Poppies have bloomed and are now starting to fade and the roses are blooming. It seems to have been a hard season on the plants. So much rain and not much sun. Or maybe it's just me thinking that way because I haven't been able to do much outside given the bad weather.

I did take this picture of some wild flowers the other day. I thought they were very pretty.

The was a Hummingbird Hawk Moth in the garden a few days ago. I get a couple here every summer. I took some photos but unfortunately they all came out blurry. Oh well, I must keep on trying.