Sunday, January 29, 2012

We've Had Snow.

Funny how one gets lulled into thinking that this isn't going to be too bad a winter after all. It is almost the end of January after all and it hasn't been a rough go. But....yesterday we got dumped on! Heavy snowfall warnings, blizzard warnings, etc. Preparing for the worse, we stacked a pile of wood outside the back door for easy access and I made some salads because with any harsh weather we always seem to lose the electricity. We didn't lose the power thankfully. So, this morning the snow is up to our knees and we may have to hire a plow to get the driveway cleared. Mind you, it's a very short driveway but with the problems himself has been having, it's not a good idea to shovel heavy snow.

So, a few pictures of snow we had a week or so ago. It's still dark as I write this so no shots of yesterdays mess.

There was hardly a bird to be seen yesterday as it was too rough, high winds and white out conditions. This is a picture taken last week of Grosbeaks taking shelter in one of the feeders.

And this little fellow is looking at me as if to say, "Hey, how come you haven't put more seeds in this feeder."

One of the neighbours has just arrived with his small plow and is doing the driveway. How wonderful!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cats and Crows.

Thank you all for your kind comments with regard to himself. And yes, elastic in the drawers is called for, lol. A bit of light snow falling at the moment but it's not suppose to come to much. 2 - 4 cm. They are predicting rain tomorrow which seems ridiculous as it's been very cold and it is January. Lots of Juncos one the ground eating seeds other birds have kicked off the feeders. The jays are the worse for this as they will kick everything off to get at their favorite bits. Two squirrels were here yesterday eating from the platform feeder. I hadn't seen any in such a long time but could hear them in the woods.

The cats have been a little ticked off about the cold weather and have spent more time sleeping than anything else.


He's a strange fellow as he loves laying on his back and having his tummy rubbed.

Stanley is always up for a picture.

This was taken with the lamp beside him turned on so it warmed up his colours.

Malachi in profile. Not a great shot.

And my favorite birds....Crows. I find it difficult to get a smashing picture of them but I keep trying. I can't describe the joy I get from seeing them come every day.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Update....Himself has been released from hospital. The test he's had done showed three blockages in three very small arteries. Medication should take care of it. He's been very lucky really as it could have been much worse. When he was having the heart attack he got me to get him an aspirin and was told later that by doing this he saved his own life. Such a simple thing but I thought it was worth passing on. And, by chewing it up, it gets into the blood stream faster. He seems to be doing well now that he's home and hopefully will gain more strength as the days go on.

Well, it's been a long time but it's happened again. Yesterday morning I went outside to fill some of the bird feeders. I was dressed in cap, short winter jacket, pajama bottoms and winter boots. It was bitterly cold. I reach up high to one of the feeders when at that moment my pants dropped down to my ankles. Of course there just had to be a car passing at the time. There I was...naked to the world...sigh!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is a Gold Finch. There are lots of them around these days.

We've had some very cold nights lately. -16C in the early morning. Jack Frost has been here a few times as you can tell by these windows.

This is a silly little shot but there was something about it that appealed to me.

So, all seems well here at the moment. I'm off to get breakfast.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Little Bird Saved.

That's the good news but on to the bad news first. Last Thursday himself had a heart attack. He's been in intensive care since then. Today they are going to do an angiogram to determine how much damage has been done. Hopefully it won't require an operation....fingers crossed!

My daughter arrived yesterday to spend a few days with me. I'm so grateful that she could do this. Yesterday afternoon we heard a bird hit the living room window. She ran out to see if it was there on the ground or if it had flown off. It was on the ground, on it's side, knocked out. It was a little chick a dee. She picked it up and kept it in her warm hand for some time until it finally got it's sense back and then flew off. It was one of those feel good moments when you've saved a small life.

There are loads of little birds around these days as it's been cold and snowy for the most part. I was a bit worried for some time as I hadn't seen any around. I've been wishing for spring but unfortunately we've hardly gotten into winter.