Saturday, August 25, 2012

Touch Of Fall in The Air

We've had the most wonderful summer as far as the weather goes.   Everything was a month ahead and so is fall.  Flowers that don't normally bloom until September are in bloom now and most of the potted up annuals have seen their day.   I've been cutting back perennials, another job that I don't usual do for another month or so.   I started lavender plants from seed this spring and finally got them in the ground this week.  Although they are still only small plants, the smell is heady.   I know it's early days, after all it's still August, but this planter looked quite lost and empty with the summer flowers gone so I decided to fill it with some fall decorations I had. 

I haven't taken many pictures of bugs this year, one of my favorite subjects I must admit.  There are loads of bees in the garden which is great to see.  Strangely, I haven't seen any of the larger garden spiders. 

So, here's a lovely butterfly, a butterfly with a bee and a strange looking (moth, maybe) with a bee.

One day last week two dogs came into the garden.  This sent Malachi up a tree.  The boy doesn't look too happy. 

I started these flowers from seed last year, both the yellow and rust.  They were only babies when winter came on and the truth of it is, I had forgotten about them.   You can imagine how pleased I was when they came into bloom this year.  I just love them. 

And, to end off, some neat things I found at the Goodwill on the last visit.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Although we're still having lovely weather, the feel of fall is in the air.   Some of the fall plants have started blooming already and the summer bloomers have quickly faded.  Most of the annuals that I general put in containers have gone to seed and are looking quite raggedy.  

Another sign of the coming fall.....we had a bear here one night last week.  He/she got up the large tree that I had the platform feeder attached to and hauled it all down.  The feeder itself was licked clean and the tall grass around the tree was flattened.   So I had to spend part of the morning fixing the feeder as it was a bit broken up.  Also had to scour around for some new wood to attach it to the tree again.   No more incidents so far. 

There hasn't been a lot of birds around.  The blue jays are always here of course.  The young ones not trying to beg food from mom and dad anymore.   The nuthatches are here all during the day but not many chick a dees.   I expect with the wonderful summer we've been having they are finding food elsewhere. 

I've been trying for some time to get a picture of a Cabbage White Butterfly.  They've never kept still enough for me.  Last week though I managed to get one. 

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of this little imp. 

And last but not least, Stanley enjoying the lovely day.