Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just Cats.

While sitting on the chesterfield last night with a lovely warmth coming from the wood stove I was looking at the cats all seemingly relaxed and enjoying it as much as myself.

Ratch asleep and gently snoring.

Freya ready to nod off.

Malachi looking to get his belly rubbed.

Then nodding off.

The two brothers Stanley and Frankie wondering whether to have a nap or get into some mischief.

And last but not least....The benevolent King.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Himself and the Story of the Camera.

The rain is pouring out of the heavens this morning and I'm not complaining. It's a lovely sound to hear. It should give the snow a good cutting. Mind you, it's going to take more than a days rain to get rid of what we have on the ground.

I've been feeling that spring is in the air lately even though I know we will no doubt have more snow off and on and chilly days. Still, the feeling is there. So with that, I bought a fire pit when we went to Gander on Thursday for our monthly shopping. Yep, I've got great plans for spring and summer this year. I even bought cloths to go on the garden tables and colourful serviettes. Call me crazy but I've even hauled my box of seeds out and have been dreaming of what to plant.

Himself has been talking for some time about getting a digital camera. He spent years using a film camera and has taken some brilliant shots from many places around the world. However, this digital thing, well, he's had a hard time getting his head around it. At one point he tried to read the manual that came with my camera and gave up in defeat saying he'd never get one of these things. Anyway, on our monthly trip last Thursday, he decided the time was right to get a camera. I said, what about learning how to use it, you know how frustrated you get. With that he said, well I have all the time in the world on my hands so I'll just take the time to learn.

After arriving at our destination, we went into the camera shop. After much fussing about he saw the camera he wanted, it's like mine only two steps up. He was asking the woman there questions about the camera but unfortunately she knew little or nothing about it. This got himself in a bit of a state to say the least. Then he said he'd like to see the manual that comes with it. "No manual comes with it" she said "you have to read it off the computer. " Well, that did it. I almost left the shop in embarrassment! I leaned over close to his ear and said, "For heavens sake, will you stop yelling and swearing, everyone in the shop is staring at you." He says, "Every things gone to hell in this X Y Z world (as he likes to call it.) So he asks to see another more expensive camera, one that has a manual in the box with it. Now, I forgot to mention that I'm phoning my daughter in St. John's with questions he wants asked and answered about these cameras. So, he asks the woman if this camera takes macro shots. She doesn't know! He's getting himself in a right state now. She says she will try to get a hold of someone who might know. She does and it does. Okay, so now he asks if the first camera takes macro. She says she thinks the button with the small flower near it is a macro button. She calls the person again and gets confirmation that it is. Himself erupts...." How is a person to know that a flower by a button means macro." (I haven't put in the swear words.) Well, without going any further, he bought the first camera. I was exhausted to say the least as this was going on for an hour at least. I won't go into detail on what happened when we got home just to say that friends dropped by and tried to convince him that he could learn to use the camera one step at a time. He said he was taking it back. Two days later, and the camera still hasn't been taken out of the box but he's relenting a little saying that maybe he will try to use it.

A couple of pictures I took this past week.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Morning.

This getting old business is for the birds. I wonder where that expression came from. It seems that all or most of the expressions we use had a reason for being a long time ago. It was only the other day I heard what the expression "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey" meant. Way back on ships they had to find a way to make something to hold the cannon balls. They came up with a brass contraption with indentations to hold the balls. For some unknown reason they called it a monkey and it was made of brass. When the weather got freezing enough, the balls would come off the monkey. It all makes sense.

Anyway, I digress....this getting old business. I find I wake up some mornings now with a few aches and pains. I guess the good thing is that it assures me that I'm still alive, lol. Not that I'm really complaining, there are lots of people my age who suffer greatly.

Not a lot happening lately. I'm hoping to finish "spring cleaning" this week. We're having a bit of freezing rain this morning. The crows came back yesterday and it was a great relief to see them. I think it was the left over macaroni and cheese casserole from the night before that caught their attention. They were flying off with mouths so full you could hardly see their head.

The brown creeper is here every day now. He's so small. About the size of a nuthatch. Very cute.

The downy and hairy woodpeckers are here all the time. Although they are both pretty well identical, one is much smaller than the other.

Male downy.

Male hairy.

Loads of juncos still here along with all the regulars. Well, time to get my day started.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stormy weather.

We are well and truly into winter now. Yesterday parts of the Trans Canada Highway were closed and many schools and business's shut down. People were told to stay off the highway and many were stranded. The RCMP were out looking for stranded motorists and bringing them home when found. There were blizzard conditions in a lot of areas. By mid afternoon it had calmed down and it turned into quite a nice day.

I've been doing some spring cleaning. A bit early but I was bitten by the bug and so I got through two rooms. There's also been a bit of shoveling of snow this week so I've been getting lots of exercise. Badly needed I might say.

The Flicker was back a few days ago on the suet block by the back door. Unfortunately he saw me come to the window for a closer look and took off. I did get a picture of him when the snow was coming down.

The birds have been keeping me busy. In and out filling feeders on these cold days. I haven't seen the crows for a couple of days and this has me very upset. They come every morning for breakfast and check for additional treats throughout the day.

The setting sun was shinning through one of the plant hangers the other day and I thought it looked rather nice.

Our oldest cat and the grumpy one, Ratch.

And an odd picture of one of the boys. Malachi.

I'm chomping at the bit now waiting for spring. Got the seed catalogues out and making plans.
Once we get through March we should be well on the way.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guess whos back!

The Flicker.
Terrible pictures taken through a window but never the less here it is......

It's -22 here this morning. I think it's the coldest I've ever seen it. All windows are frosted up with Jack Frosts paintings. Lots of birds at the feeders. Poor things, one wonders how they survive these temperatures.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Bird in Garden.

I've seen this tiny bird (about as big as a nuthatch), going up tree trunks twice this week and by the time I got the camera it was gone. This afternoon coming back from filling one of the feeders there it was again going up a trunk looking for insects. Yelled for himself to get my camera as I didn't want to waste time taking my boots off, turned around and it was gone again. Only one thing for it....stand and wait!

I was in luck...he even left the tree trunk and got on the snow, then off again. Not the best shots but hey it's a first!!

Brown Creeper.

Monday, February 07, 2011

We've had SNOW!

Not my favorite subject but what can one do. Yes, we've had quite a bit of snow. These pictures were taken when it wasn't quite daylight hence the dark look.

But the most exciting thing today is that the Waxwings have been here.

I don't see these beauties very often so it's exciting when they do come. There are lots of birds at the feeders these days. They eat everything up so fast.

Another winter storm predicted for tonight so the shovel comes out again tomorrow.

Winter through the window.

Short video of Evening Grosbeaks

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Just pictures.

Some pictures I've taken this past few days.

I never seem to have any great success taking pictures of one of my favorite birds, the crows. I do keep trying though. I think these are the best I've gotten so far.

Chick a Dees.

The lovely jays.

I found this magpie moth on the window sill this morning. Does this mean that spring is on the way?
The little rascal.

Stanley on daddy's knee.

And last but not least....the Snow.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bitterly Cold.

Jack Frost was here last night as you can see by the frost painting on the door window.

It's bitterly cold this morning but promising to be a sunny day. Unfortunately when we have clear days and nights the temperature plummets this time of year. We've had about a foot of snow so winter has finally arrived. It's light and fluffy so no problem shoveling it.

A few snow pictures from yesterday.

Frankie pondering on the snow situation.

My thoughts are starting to lean towards spring. My mind telling me that I should get some papers out and write my list of things to do once the ground can be worked. Bit early I suppose but one starts thinking of these things about now.

The Boreal Chick a Dees are back and forth to the feeders every day. This cold weather must be hard on the birds. They are filling up with fatty foods all day long.

Another picture of one of the little Boreal Chick a Dees.