Saturday, February 05, 2011

Just pictures.

Some pictures I've taken this past few days.

I never seem to have any great success taking pictures of one of my favorite birds, the crows. I do keep trying though. I think these are the best I've gotten so far.

Chick a Dees.

The lovely jays.

I found this magpie moth on the window sill this morning. Does this mean that spring is on the way?
The little rascal.

Stanley on daddy's knee.

And last but not least....the Snow.


Pete said...

love the rascal. nice selection of birds oc

Tricia said...

I have to agree with Pete... that little Rascal is just the ticket!

Your crow pics are great.. and it's not easy taking pictures of all black or all white birds!!

And isn't Stanley just the thing :D

Dixxe said...

You had some really handsome visitors!! The crows never come to our feeders here...I see them flying around giving hawks their traveling papers a lot tho! Beautiful MOTH

Cicero Sings said...

I thought that Stanley looked pretty darn cute myself.

ShySongbird said...

Just caught up with your recent posts and had to smile when reading on the 'bonfire' post that it seemed strange not to have had much snow...famous last words! :)

Lovely photos throughout, you do get some pretty birds visiting you.

Victoria said...

Love the pictures of the crows, and Stanley is just adorable. And that moth is gorgeous! I wish we had them where I live.