Monday, February 07, 2011

We've had SNOW!

Not my favorite subject but what can one do. Yes, we've had quite a bit of snow. These pictures were taken when it wasn't quite daylight hence the dark look.

But the most exciting thing today is that the Waxwings have been here.

I don't see these beauties very often so it's exciting when they do come. There are lots of birds at the feeders these days. They eat everything up so fast.

Another winter storm predicted for tonight so the shovel comes out again tomorrow.

Winter through the window.


Cicero Sings said...

you've got snow all right! ... and so do we! If we didn't need it so much I'd say enough already.

Anonymous said...

We do not have snow here in England. And just as well considering the chaos that ensues when they get an amount you'd not notice in Canada.

I've stopped explaining that a snowplow isn't just a skiing maneuver. Ha!

Tricia said...

Brrrrr... sorry you didn't get away without having some snow but I suppose.....

I'm so pleased your Waxwings are back again (not that I'm at all jealous of course ) lol

Hope the shovel doesn't have to get used toooo much!

Pete said...

snow looks lovely the other side of the pond. but think you could have had 1/2 inch of English snow!!

Victoria said...

The pictures of the snow and the Cedar Waxwings are beautiful! I think Cedar Waxwings are one of the prettiest birds of all the birds. Sadly, we don't have them here though.