Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28th., 2007

Beautiful sunrise this morning. Taken from front porch.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27th., 2007

What a day! Sunny and warm. Outside in t-shirts, unbelievable! A few of the huge spruce trees by the stream fell over last winter and this morning some friends came by to help saw them up. One man with chain saw in hand, cutting. One man throwing logs across the stream. Two women loading the wheelbarrows. Didn't take long before it was all done, then coffee on the deck. We spent most of the time talking about movies we had seen in the past and really enjoyed and actors we particularly liked.

Same friends have been downloading some of the British mystery series onto DVD's for us. Have viewed one of the "Midsummer Murders". I want to live in that little village. So beautiful. Have also been watching "Wire in the Blood". ooooooh, that fellow Robson. Makes my heart beat a little too fast, lol. Also some of the "Hamish" series. Great stuff.

So, got the camera out this afternoon. Haven't seen any bugs around to speak of but thought I'd wander around and have a look. Much to my surprise there was a bee on one of the few flowers that's left. I didn't expect to see anymore until next year. Got a pretty good picture, I think.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24th., 2007

Here it is almost the end of October and woke up this morning to temperature of +13C. Can't ask for more than that, very mild for this time of year. Not much to report really. I've been in the garden most of this week. I finally got the gladioli bulbs out of the ground and have cut back a good number of plants. I still have more soil to mix up with good stuff and put around all the perennials. The old body is stiff and sore but what the heck. We had a good wind yesterday and the leaves were coming off the trees in drifts. The ground looks very pretty with all the autumn colours.

There is something living under the chicken house again. Always this time of year it seems. I go out in the morning to let chickens out and their food dish which is in their greenhouse area is emptied. It's times like this that I wish I had a web cam, then maybe I could see what it is. I suspect it's a rat or maybe mice. I read that if you put mint around the area it will deter them so cut a pile of the stuff and poked it around all over. Doesn't seem to be doing much good. I remember my neighbour use to keep his bags of dog food in his shed and would go out every morning to find mice in one of the buckets there. He would take the mice and some food, walk up in the woods, put the food down and let the mice go hoping that would be the end of it. Then next morning he would go through the same thing. The mice got quite use to him and weren't scared at all. I remember dropping in one morning and he came in with two or three mice in a bucket, on his way up in the woods again. It was so funny.

We decided to drive up to the causeway and look at the autumn colours then down to the beach. I remembered for once to take the camera.

Down by the beach.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18th., 2007

I spent a couple of hours working at the library this afternoon. A few people came in so that helped the time pass. I think I may be coming down with a cold, feeling chilled, sneezing, runny nose. The forecast called for sun today...HA!...didn't happen. Very cold out and saw a few flakes of snow. Don't want to see that yet, thank you!

The trees are looking so pretty with their autumn colours. I find something magical about it all. The clean crisp air, the many colours of the leaves and that particular sweet Autumn smell that comes from the earth. I find myself wandering over by the stream, leaning up against one of the tree trunks, listening to the trickle of the stream and breathing deeply.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 14th., 2007

Not too much to report from here. It's been dreary weather, rain, drizzle and fog. Haven't been doing anything in the garden although still things to do. Time is marching on so have to make a concerted effort to finish it all up this coming week. We have wood to stack for the winter and tried doing some of that yesterday but it was just too wet and chilly. Gave it up before lunch then spent the afternoon chatting with a friend who dropped by.

Spent an afternoon last week working at the library. Other than a couple of children and two adults coming in it was a long afternoon. Time seemed to drag on forever. Tried reading a book but had left my reading glasses at home and while I can read without them, I tend to doze off if I'm not using them. So, I gave up on that. I could just imagine someone coming in and I'm asleep at the desk.

The leaves are changing quickly on the trees now and darkness is closing in fast in the evenings. I expect that we will get a good wind any day soon and that will put paid to most of the leaves left on the trees. We will probably take the screen door off sometime this week and put up the storm door. Best to get it all prepared ahead of time.

I haven't been taking any pictures of late so thought I'd just put on some of the cats.

Malachi on top of cupboard.

Cleo asleep.

The grumpy fat cat.

Little Freya.

The two brothers..Stanley and Frankie.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

October 7th., 2007

Yesterday was the start of the agricultural fair here. A friend who is on the council had a Tarot reader come out from the city for a couple of days. People who own one of the bed and breakfasts were kind enough to put him up and provide a room for him to do his readings. Well, of course I simply had to make an appointment to get my cards read. I arrived for the appointment at 11:30 and was quickly ushered into a small sun room. There sat a little old man with a cold, so funny. The only thing going through my mind was, oh no, hope I don't get his cold. Not only did he have a cold but he also had a lisp so I had to concentrate very hard to understand what he was saying. Three quarters of an hour later he was finished with me. I wasn't all that impressed to be honest. He did tell me some things about my personality that were true. He also told me that my daughters work was recognized before he knew she was an artist. He also said that she would do one painting that would make her famous. The reading only cost $20.00 so didn't feel I was scammed.

After this we went to the council office/library where they had food on sale to try to make money for the library. Baked potatoes with different toppings, muffins, sausages and pop. We bought a potato each and sat at one of the tables they had set up outside. Although a lovely sunny day, there was a wind and it was bloody cold. Within five minutes I was freezing as was my potato, lol. There was a good crowd there though and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Had friends in for coffee in the afternoon so all in all not a bad day.

Got up this morning to 5 C. Was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when something that looked like it was falling from the sky caught my eye. In an instant I thought, oh noooo, not snow but fortunately it was lots of leaves falling from the trees. Then got a phone call from friends that left for the city early this morning. They were part way there when they thought they may have left their coffee pot on so we jumped in the car and went over to check for them. When we came back and pulled in the driveway, I had one of those moments when I saw the smoke coming out the chimney, autumn leaves on the ground, coloured leaves on the trees and though to myself, isn't it lovely to have a little cozy house to come home to.

I usually do a little seasonal decorating. This is a picture outside the kitchen window.

Inside kitchen window.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

October 4th., 2007

I thought the bees and butterflies were all gone for this year as we had some chilly days a week or so ago. This past week has been lovely, sunny and warm for this time of year, so, much to my surprise there have been lots of bees and butterflies in the garden. The Sedum is full of bees each day and the Butterfly Bush is attracting many butterflies.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October 2nd., 2007

Well, we set off to the dentist yesterday. A good chunk of my tooth had broken off so had no choice but to get it seen to. Our regular dentist has retired and all the dentists but this one, aren't taking any more new clients. Although expensive, I heard that he is good and very fast at his work. First we had to scrap ice off the car windows as we had a heavy frost the night before. Off we hours drive. Now I dread dentists even at the best of times, so by the time we got there I had just a bit of a tension headache. Went in the office and was called inside. A row of cubicles were in front of me and I was promptly placed in one of them. In comes the dentist, checks my tooth, and tells me that I need a crown. How much I said? He says it would be about $900.00 plus tax so we are talking almost a thousand dollars. He says he can fill it but it might last a week or might last a year or so. I say "Fill it!" He gives me the dreaded needle. I rise up in the chair, nerves starting to get shot. So while he's waiting for the deadening to take effect, he goes to the next cubicle to pull a mans tooth. I hear loud groans from the man and then the man shouts out "Oh my Jesus." Now my nerves are completely shattered. Should I get up right now and walk out...I convince myself that seeing I've already had the needle I might as well go through with it. So three quarters of an hour after sitting in the chair I'm all done. It took me a few minutes to haul myself out of the chair as my legs were very wobbly. Roger, when he saw me says "You don't look to happy." I say, "I'm not, get in the car and take me home." lol

Before the dentist we went to a department store to pick up a few things and in the Hallowe'en section I saw a lovely Skull, which I bought. The only good thing that happened. Have it proudly sitting on one of the bookshelves.

Today is just beautiful. Almost summer like. I saw a butterfly on the butterfly bush so got the camera and took a few photos. Also a few of the blue jays. Tried to get some shots of the chick a dees and nuthatches but they were so fast that the pictures came out blurry. Ah well, will try again.