Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27th., 2007

What a day! Sunny and warm. Outside in t-shirts, unbelievable! A few of the huge spruce trees by the stream fell over last winter and this morning some friends came by to help saw them up. One man with chain saw in hand, cutting. One man throwing logs across the stream. Two women loading the wheelbarrows. Didn't take long before it was all done, then coffee on the deck. We spent most of the time talking about movies we had seen in the past and really enjoyed and actors we particularly liked.

Same friends have been downloading some of the British mystery series onto DVD's for us. Have viewed one of the "Midsummer Murders". I want to live in that little village. So beautiful. Have also been watching "Wire in the Blood". ooooooh, that fellow Robson. Makes my heart beat a little too fast, lol. Also some of the "Hamish" series. Great stuff.

So, got the camera out this afternoon. Haven't seen any bugs around to speak of but thought I'd wander around and have a look. Much to my surprise there was a bee on one of the few flowers that's left. I didn't expect to see anymore until next year. Got a pretty good picture, I think.


st said...

So do I.
midsummer murders- no you don't everybody gets murdered.
Hamish- Macbeth? set in scotland?
If it is. It has a character called tv john. Absolute classic.

Pete said...

nice one oc.

just make sure laurie leaves it in one piece :D

oldcrow61 said...

st, I think the Hamish ones have Robert Carylile as Hamish. I think that's the actors name, I know the name is spelled wrong. Haven't watched them yet. "Midsummer Murders"....everyone gets killed...I'll risk it, lol.

Pete, ha, ha, ha.

Jan said...

Mmmmm Robson Green, good taste! He's one of my favourite actors too.