Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today my parents celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  Yes, believe it or not it's 70 years since they tied the know.   It's amazing and they are amazing.   Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gone again, home again, jigedy jig!

A brief note on the health situation of himself.  He was home from the hospital for about a week and a half when he had congestive heart failure.  He ended up in hospital for a week and is now home again.   The doctor said he was close to death.   To be honest I felt that at the time.   When we got to the hospital, he couldn't walk but a few steps so I had to put him in a wheelchair and get him seen to.  He seems to be doing pretty well now, although weak.   Fingers crossed that he continues to improve. 

I can only say that after over four months I was starting to feel the stress.  Thankfully my wonderful daughter came and stayed for that week.  It was so good to have someone here so that I could relieve some of the stress by talking things out with. 

The garden is coming along nicely.   A few years ago someone asked me if I wanted a lilac tree that was dug up and about to be thrown out.  I've always wanted on for the garden so I said yes.   When I saw it I didn't think there was much hope as it was just a stick and it had been dug out so close to the trunk that there were no roots left on it.   Never the less, I said "Miss Lilac, I'm going to give you a chance."   So, I planted it.  This year it's done me proud.   Just goes to show that there is always hope.  And, maybe the fairies were listening to the conversations I would have with it and performed their magic. 

The lovely Miss Lilac

I've been trying to do some weeding but the black flies are driving me back in the house.  And now the mosquitoes are becoming a nuisance.    I expect I'll have to try it around five in the morning when it's a bit cooler and these creatures aren't quite ready to start their day. 

So, here are a few pictures from around the garden.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

He's Back!

Himself was released from hospital about a week and a half ago.   He finally had the defibrillator put in his chest two days before being sent home.   He was wonderful the first couple of days but now he's having panic attacks all day and during the night as well even after taking a sleeping pill at bedtime.     This of course is affecting me as well.  I've not been getting much sleep at night either so am tired during the day.    He has an appointment with the local doctor this afternoon so we're hoping some solution can be found.    These attacks are a stress on his heart which is not good at all as his heart is very weak to start with. 

We had thunder last night, lots of it rumbling through the heavens.  Rain coming down in sheets.  I found it quite comforting.   The weather hasn't been too bad, a few cool days lately which made it good for working in the garden as it kept the black flies down.   The Raven has been back a few times since the first sighting.  It looks like it depends on what treats I have on the platform feeder.   Our small squirrels, who chase the crows from the feeders, back off when this huge Raven appears.   He or she is a joy to look at.   I got a picture of the first dragonfly in the garden this season.   Always lovely to see them.  I remember when growing up, my mother would sit in the sun in the garden and it wasn't unusual to see four or five dragonflies on her.   The garden is coming along beautifully.  Forget me nots abound at the moment.  So, here's some photos of what surrounds me.   The new sign is thanks to Tricia who gave me the idea.   And, the angel in the red dress I found at the second hand store.  It will be at the top of the tree on Yule.