Friday, May 30, 2008

Sunny Thursday

I couldn't figure how I could take a picture of the Grey Jay eating from my hand and as Roger doesn't know how to use my camera I had given up on the idea. I mentioned this to a friend who came up with the brilliant idea of me taking a picture of the Jay eating out of Rogers hand...duh! I think I'm losing it!! I can't believe that I didn't think of this myself. So, taking this advice I took these pictures yesterday.

I remember when they use to come around a few years ago, they would bring their babies. The babies are all black and the first time I saw them, not knowing much about birds, still don't, I was telling everyone about the baby crows coming around, lol. Of course it didn't take me long to figure out what they really were. I figure if they're coming around again now, they will bring their young once again.

It was a lovely day yesterday. We spent most of the afternoon sitting outside watching the activity at the feeders.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunday was a lovely sunny day, or maybe it was Monday, so spent the whole day in the garden at one thing or another. I put new plastic on the smaller greenhouse, which meant up on the ladder for the roof part. A wind came up so had a bit of trouble holding the plastic down while nailing slates on. Anyway, I finally finished it. Just have to re-do the door of the larger greenhouse. Walking up the property, the Black and White Warbler flew by in front of picture. Then I took a break and sat on the deck watching a male and female Woodpecker at one of the feeders by the deck. The female flew to a branch on a tree about 25 ft. away. The male looked over at her and also flew to the branch. Then he got sort of over her and made out, lol. I couldn't believe it, first time I've seen that. When finished, he flew back to the feeder and started eating again. His job done. Then after a couple of minutes she flew off and he followed.

Yesterday, although we did get a bit of drizzle off and on, I finished off the fence that I had started repairing and hauled off the wood from the archway that was knocked down. Himself keeps bringing back stuff from other peoples junk that they have by the side of the road for clean up. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. He keeps saying, "But this is good, we may be able to use it some time." lol

Parents are coming tomorrow. It's also my mothers birthday and my daughter phoned this morning and guilted me into making a birthday cake. Will have to do that sometime today. Raining at the moment but suppose to clear up.

This is what happens to the mess bags of food I put out. Such clever birds. Can't help but love em!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grey Jays

This afternoon marks the arrival of a pair of Grey Jays. I hadn't seen one in so long, that I didn't think there were any left around any more. I got some bread and put it on the deck railing, took these pictures.

This past week...Daughter left for home on Wednesday. After the few late nights I was in bed at 7:30 Wednesday night. Read for a while then bang...I was gone! Just can't handle it anymore, lol. A new bird was sighted in the garden, a Black and White Warbler. I couldn't believe it, small bird covered in black and white stripes. Couldn't get a picture as it was moving around the trees to fast. I haven't seen it since although been keeping an eye out.

Thursday I went rooting around for some poles and sticks to re-build a part of the fence that broke down with the winters snow. Off I went with hammer, nails, saw, wire and wire cutters. I have it just about finished, just needs a few added touches. The next fine day will finish it off.

Also on Thursday, went over to the greenhouses. I've been putting off buying the annuals this year until later. I always get them too early and end up putting them outside in the morning and bringing them in overnight. A bit of a nuisance really. However, as I've been chomping at the bit to get some, I went over and bought a few flats of Pansies and Lobelia. I expect this coming week, I'll be there again.

That evening around supper time I happened to look out and the archway with the platform feeder was beat up and about half of it was on the ground. I know it was getting old, but what would have made it come down like that?? So, yesterday I took the rest apart as it was so smashed up there wasn't any point in trying to fix it up again. Then I had to bang together another platform feeder and this time have it attached high up on a tree trunk. I figured it would take the birds a while to get use to the new one, but in seconds they were there eating from it.

Last night, just before supper a neighbour phoned informing us that there was a big bear coming up the road near where the mail boxes are. I kept looking out around but no sign of it. I expect it went off into the woods. However, camera is by the door....waiting! Now, I'm wondering if it wasn't a bear that hauled the archway down trying to get at the bird food. It's that time of year when we usually see one or two or three. I have had suet feeders hauled down by them, hens greenhouse area torn up and clothes hanging on the line hauled off and balled up.

I've taken no pictures to speak of lately so that's about it for now.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunny, sunny day!

Woke up to sunshine just coming up and hitting the top of the tall trees. Couldn't believe my eyes really. Funny how quickly we forget all the miserable days when the sun shines. Had a busy day yesterday, my daughter arrived just after lunch, a big surprise as she hadn't told me she was coming. Then not long after that a friend came with two of her friends who were here for the weekend, then after supper two more friends came for a short visit.

It appears that the problem I was having with the computer is fixed. Daughter opened it up and loosened a couple of screws and it's been fine every since. To think that I could have brought it to a computer store to have it fixed and paid a lot of money for the job.

Saturday I wandered around the garden taking a few pictures. It was a gloomy day so not much else to do.

A couple of things in bloom, all is not lost, lol.

Head down looking for bugs

Bunny in the garden, love this guy, a gift from friends.


Raindrops on green.

No leaves on trees or bushes yet. Buds are looking good though.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not much happening lately. Weather has been miserable, wet, foggy, chilly. This says it all...

I believe the Blue Jays have built a nest high up in the spruce trees behind the bedroom window. Seems to be a lot of activity there. Took a few pictures this morning. The only bright thing in the day so far.

And to top it all off, I'm having a problem with my computer. A grinding noise after it's been on for a while. I think it might be the fan but guess I'll probably have to get it looked at. Just heard a funny noise and thought, damn it, I won't get this blog finished now as the pc is giving me grief again. No worries though at this point, was just one of the cats snoring in the chair besides me. lol.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The #75 I and the Birds is being hosted by Gallicissa. It's certainly worth a look.
I And The Bird #75 is hosted at Gallicissa now! Enjoy it

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chilly Day!

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow...yes, SNOW! After it was all over there was about an inch or so on the ground then it changed to rain. It's suppose to be miserable all week and chilly temperatures as well. The perennials are all coming up like mad though.

Then, Roger steps out on the front deck and goes down through it...loose board. I was in the kitchen and heard my name being called, went to see what was going on and saw an arm half way in the door flaying around near the floor. Luckily he didn't break his leg or tear it open as there were nails on the underside of the board. After I help him drag himself up out of it he says "Why doesn't anything like this ever happen to you?" lol.

So this morning we are hoping to haul all the unwanted stuff down to the road for pick up next week. Although I expect there will be more grumbling about what I've put in the pile. ie: this morning he sees an old window I have in the pile and asks why this is going. I say that the glass is all broken out. Well, he says, maybe we will need it sometime. Argh!!!

Yesterday, two new birds in the garden.

A white throated sparrow.

A very poor picture of this little one but the only one I managed to get. I do believe it's a Kinglet, though not sure. Hopefully he will hang around so I can get a better shot.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weather has been miserable, damp and cold. It was suppose to be sunny today...just can't believe the weather reports. Overcast and chilly! I've not been doing much at all, just fed up. I have hauled some things out of the cabin to get rid of during clean up week. It's been going something like this:

Him: You're not throwing that chest of drawers out are you?
Me: Yep, it's going.
Him: But, but, we may use it sometime.
Me: It's been here for years and there's been no use for it, besides it has a hole in the back.
Him: If it's against a wall you won't see the hole.
Me: I don't want's going.

Him: What are you doing throwing out those lamps.
Me: They're junk, they're not fit to keep and the wires are all broken.
Him: But I can fix them.
Me: Why don't you go for a walk.

Him: Surely you're not getting rid of that bed spring.
Me: I think you'd better go somewhere and leave me to it.
Him: But we might use it sometime for a guest to sleep on.
Me: Who in the name of heavens would we put on this piece of crap.
Him: Well...someone maybe.

So he goes to a yard sale this morning and comes back with two pots that he bought. I asked where am I going to put these. But he says they're lovely....sigh! Think I'll go and beat my head against a brick wall.

We went to a nearby community yesterday as I was in bad need of wild bird seed. On the way back we saw two Loons sitting on the water. So lovely. No, didn't have the camera. I usually say to myself that there's no point in taking the camera as there's rarely anything to see. Will have to take it with me next time.

Other than that there's nothing new. Finches are still around along with the regulars. Perennials are coming up. I've planted bunching onions, spinach and chard in the new raised bed I made and planted sugar snap peas in another bed. Some warm weather should show some action there.

I know I've put on a lot of pictures of the Finches but thought this little guy looked so cute.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Yesterday we had beautiful weather, sunny and warm. While working in the garden, I couldn't believe my eyes, I saw three Butterflies. Two, I think, were Fritillaries. The other one was a brownish colour but only half the size of the other two. No pictures unfortunately. By the time I got the camera they had gone.

Another surprise. I saw a lot of tiny birds at the feeders with the Finches. Couldn't figure what they were until I saw a female Finch feed one. Babies! They are only about half the size of the females and so adorable. They are flying and eating well.

Then a crowd of Evening Grosbeaks came by. I took a short video and tried to upload it twice, each time it was taking over two hours and still not done so got fed up and canceled it. I don't know where the problem lies.

Started to go through the boxes and bags stored in the cabin but soon got fed up with that. I was simply bewildered with it all. Hopefully my daughter will be coming for a visit soon and she can give me some guidance. This morning it's 0 C so don't expect I will be outside for a while.

As there are no pictures to put on, here are some of the paintings I've done. I can see where I can improve a couple of them for sure.

Unfortunately I've had no art training but I suppose a lot of it is trial and error. Maybe I should try some birds.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


There's not been much to blog about lately. Last week the weather was dismal and finally, yesterday was sunny although the wind was chilly. I went to the green houses yesterday as they usually have a wonderful display of plants for Mothers Day. Bought a few Geraniums for one of the window boxes but will have to keep them inside until it warms up a bit then harden them off outside. Then in the afternoon we went to the library and took out a few books.

Clean up week starts on the 20th. of May so hopefully we'll get a couple of nice days this week and we can clean out the small "cabin" up the bank behind the house that is full of stored boxes and bags. Will have to sort it all out, one lot to go out to the garbage, one lot for the Goodwill and hopefully a very small lot to keep. Not only boxes and bags there but bikes, skis, carpeting, etc.....all going! Every spring I say that we have to get rid of this stuff but we never seem to get around to it.

I don't know what's happened to all the Blue Jays. I saw two at one of the feeders a few days ago and thought I'd get a short video as BR mentioned that he would like to see this. I started taking the video and noticed that the Jays weren't moving, in fact they were as still as statues. Strange I thought, so turned off camera and looked up in the trees. A larger bird was very high up on one of the branches. Got the bins but still couldn't make out what it was. It must have been a hawk or the Jays wouldn't have froze on the feeder for so long. The larger bird finally flew off and the Jays did as well. Sorry BR, will keep trying.

There have been loads of male and female Purple Finches here each day but not a lot of bird activity otherwise. A pair of Evening Grosbeaks arrived yesterday. Again not the usual big crowd.

And who's this peeking through the branches.