Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Month of March

After a winter, so far, with very little snow, we've been dumped on this past two days and it's still coming down.  Well over a foot of snow so far.  Thankfully there hasn't been much wind.  My body is a wreck from shoveling.  I was outside at six a m this morning hoping to get a start on it all over again, not realizing that it was still coming down.  I did the steps and a pathway to the door then came back inside.  I'm now waiting for daylight so I can clean off the feeders and put food out for the birds.  There were loads of birds here all day yesterday looking for something to eat.  I put food out a few times during the day.  I suppose it's difficult for them to find food with all the snow covering the ground and trees.

Still, you can sense that spring is not far off now.  For a gardener like myself this brings  a feeling of excitement.  I even brought all my seed packets out of storage a few days ago to plan on what to start inside. 

I've had some leaks coming through the roof on the back part of the house.   This will be taken care of once the snow goes and the weather warms up a bit.  The back deck is starting to rot so that will also have to be re built.  I suppose after almost forty years, I can't complain. 

Here's some recent pictures.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Morning Visitors

Some of this mornings visitors.

This little squirrel is peeking out of the tree trunk where she's building a nest.  I've been watching her bring bits of plants inside.

I've been making another sign for the garden.  I'm getting anxious for spring these days.

Friday, February 02, 2018


Not quite the end of winter for us but it's been looking very hopeful.  We've had unbelievably mild weather off and on this season.  Above zero temperatures on many days including today.  I've not had to shovel snow very much which in itself is a blessing.  And here we are, into February and a short month at that!  Yes, I've been thinking of spring and planting, moving plants from one spot to another, weeding, cleaning up the beds, etc.  I always feel and have said many times that once we're into March, hope is in the air. 

So...there's a squirrel making a nest in one of the Aspen trees.  I saw her today going in and out a hole in the tree, bringing bits of greenery inside.  There have been lots of Juncos here most days and of course Chick a Dees.  Not many Jays which is strange. 

Some pictures I've taken this week.


I believe this is the squirrel I've seen nesting.

Nice to see the Woodpeckers around again.  I was missing them for a while.

And a little beauty of a Hawk here one day.

Monday, January 22, 2018

The new year and snow.

We had a great respite from winter when we had a spring thaw a couple of weeks ago.  Just about all the snow disappeared and it had me thinking about stuff to do in the garden come spring.  Alas, it didn't last and now everything is white once again.  I woke up to more snow overnight so I'm now waiting for daylight to go outside and shovel steps, deck, pathway and driveway.  Also have to get some of the snow off roof and shed roof.  The only good part is that I'm getting lots of exercise.

Lots of little Juncos around these days.  I was a bit concerned as I hadn't seen any woodpeckers or squirrels in the garden for some time.  Usually they are here all the time summer and winter.   Lately I've been seeing some at the feeders which gives me great relief.

The cats, of course, are grumbling about the snow.  They don't go out very often and spend a good part of the day sleeping.  The youngest one will occasionally race through the house jump up in the air and land on one of the older ones.  Trying to release some of his energy I expect.

A couple of snow shots.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The End of 2017.

My father passed away in mid December.  He was 97 years old so lived a long life.  He was only in the hospital for a couple of days before he died and didn't suffer any pain.  I went into the city to stay with my  mother for a while.  She's doing really, really well.

Christmas was very quiet.  I didn't have my usual Xmas Eve party but did decorate to some extent.  New Years Eve saw me in bed before eight pm, read for a while then went off to sleep.  I was awakened around midnight by the sound of fire works going off down on the beach.  Years ago they would fire rifles off to bring in the new year but now it's fire works.

This past few days we've been having an unusual spring thaw.  Yesterday the temperature when up to eleven degrees.  It's put me into an excited spring mood but I have to stop and tell myself that winter has hardly begun here yet.  It's nice to see most of the snow gone though. 

Here are some recent pictures.

My Angel collection.

A box I painted as a gift for a friend.

A new addition to the Xmas stuff.  I saw him and just couldn't resist that face.

The Tree.

The Cat.

The Crows.