Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cold and Wet....grumble, grumble!

I thought this morning that I would take the camera, leave the property and start getting out and about more.  Went to two of the local beaches and it was so thick with fog that you couldn't even see the water.  So, that notion was killed.  

It's been overcast, rainy, cold and just plain miserable lately.  We did have a few lovely summer like days a while back but now there is a low pressure system covering the whole island and because there is no wind, there's little chance of it moving off for some time.  I had been working in the garden but it's just too cold to go outside at the moment.  

I did chance a short while outside yesterday afternoon and put the two gate back on the front porch and also planted some onion sets in the ground.  When I watered them in I thought my hands would freeze.  Is this a portent of what the summer holds.  Last year we had such a miserable season that all the annuals were stunted (no sun, or not much) and most peoples vegetables came to nothing worth talking about.

There is lots of bird activity on the go these days.  This lovely Robin was here the other day.  I don't get many robins and I think it's because I have so many trees around that they don't feel safe on the ground.  

 I'm still seeing a few Juncos but not as many as I see through out the winter.  This one decided to sit a top the head of the statue.  He was there for some time.  In contemplation no doubt.

 A white throated sparrow put in an appearance after supper last night.

I was shocked to see these mini daffodils growing in the garden.  There are four or five bunches of them.  I don't remember planting them at all.   Also, as cute as they are if I were going to buy daffodils, I would have gotten the regular sized ones.  I have to say though that I was thrilled.  They are so bright and perky.  They made my day.

I can't end this post without another picture of one of the little darlings that come to my garden.

With any luck, it might warm up a wee bit today and overcast or not, I may get outside to get more things done.