Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jan 30th., 2008

Not really much happening of late. It's been quite mild this past couple of days so we decided to go to Gander early this morning. I was running low on bird seed and we needed some of the groceries that we can't get here. The radio weather report said that the roads were extremely slippery in Gander and in fact, the schools had closed for the morning because of this. That in itself had me a little up tight but we set off anyway. It was very foggy and in places on the highway you couldn't see very far so that was getting me more up tight. Then we saw a moose by the side of the road, by this time I'm a wreck, lol. So spent the rest of the way in straining my eyes to keep watch along both sides of the road for moose. Anyway, we made it there and the roads weren't slippery by that time, but the parking lot where we made our first stop was a sheet of ice. Headed back home just before lunch and there were a few really foggy patches but not too bad.

Let the chickens out of their green house area as it was about +6 and I can tell you, they weren't long coming down the path and up on the deck. Loads of birds around. I started filling the feeders and there were tons of chick a dees waiting for sunflower seeds. I was up on the ladder hanging up the full feeders and they were literally hitting my head and shoulders with their wings. It's times like this that I wish Roger knew how to use my camera. Lots of Nuthatches as well. They are also very friendly little birds.

A whole load of these small birds were here but I'm not sure what they are. Siskins maybe??

And of course some of the regulars.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jan. 27th., 2008

Woke up to -24 C this morning. I'm desperately trying to get the house heated up as the fire went out overnight. I've pretty well finished the kitchen and am pleased. It's a lot lighter in there now. And although the MAN here wanted a darker colour, and I might add that I didn't compromise very much, okay..... I'm bull-headed, well after all I am a Taurus, lol, anyway he likes it as well. Also got the leak problem fixed.

Now to the exciting bit. I had a flock of Waxwings on the tree and archway by the deck. About eight feet from the window. What a sight! Only the second time I've seen them in the garden. So, of course, nothing else for it but to run for the camera. Batteries DEAD!!!! I could have cried. Then in the afternoon we had to go to the store and on our return there was a grouse sitting pretty as a picture on the same archway. Again, no picture, batteries are charging...sigh! I really do have to get a second set of batteries. The next morning I remembered that I had some local berries in the freezer so I put some out on the platform feeder hoping to entice the birds back but no luck. This morning looking out the window, there was a Robin. Again, not a usual sight to see in my garden. Poor thing was fluffed up trying to keep warm.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jan. 24th., 2008

This month seems like it's never going to end. The temperatures have plummeted once again. Two nights ago it went down to -21 C, and I'm sick of it to be honest. It was predicted that this winter would be colder with more snow than we've had for years and years, and for once they were right.

I started painting the kitchen on Monday and am about two thirds done. I've had to put two coats of paint on so it's taken longer than I expected. The place is like a bomb hit it as there is so much stuff to move about and take off the walls, etc. So, yesterday I finished off another wall and stood back saying to myself that there was only one more wall to do, which I had planned for today....then finished. I happened to see a bit of water on the floor by the wall I had just finished, under the electrical box. Hmmm, says I, what's this? Couldn't see any water coming down the wall but then noticed a drop of water coming off the electrical box. Opened that and saw a very slow leak coming in through that. We thought there might be a leak in the roof as it was a bit milder yesterday and as there is ice and snow on the roof, maybe some was melting. Well, to check to see if there was water between the wall and ceiling we had to tear off a wall. What a flippin mess!!! That done, couldn't find any water or moisture so it seems it's not coming from the roof. I just don't know what's going on with it but will have to call the electrician early this morning.

Other than that, there hasn't been much happening. Weighed myself this past Monday, it marking my second week dieting and over the two week period I've lost ten pounds. I daresay I dropped a few more yesterday with this crap going on, lol. Haven't had a chance to take any pictures but here are a couple of the snow in the garden at the moment, taken about a week ago.

It was just getting daylight, so they are a bit dark.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jan. 16th., 2008

I was in the living room this morning and having finished cleaning, was wondering what to do with myself, when out of the corner of my eye, saw a large bird fly past the window. Looked out and there was a grouse on a tree up against the deck. I almost broke my neck trying to get my heavy coat and boots on and get outside. There were two grouse. One in the tree and one on the ground. Went way over my knees in snow to get the pictures of the grouse on the ground. It was well worth it though. They flew off after a few minutes. Also, the Evening Grosbeaks arrived so got a picture of them as well. Click on image to enlarge.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan. 14, 2008

I went for an hours walk early in the morning. Temperature was up to -2 C with just a bit of a breeze. Figured it would be a good day for it as we are suppose to get a heavy snowfall tomorrow. The sky had that milky look when I started out but the sun was shining on the way back. There wasn't a bird to be seen except a few crows that flew overhead at one point. I did hear squirrels chattering in the woods along the way but didn't see any. And...surprise, surprise, I did remember to take my camera, not that there was much to take pictures of. Had to take the road all the way as the snow was deep on the path to the beach.

Oh, and Drum Roll please....I lost six pounds this past week.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jan. 12, 2008

Started on a diet Monday past. I've put on weight over the holidays and am making a concerted effort to get it off and get into my "small person" clothes. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning to see if I've lost anything. I've been really good all week and I think I have dropped a few pounds as I feel lighter and my step is lighter.

As I mentioned, I want to paint the kitchen a lighter, brighter colour. We are having a royal battle here over which colour would be best. Roger is stuck on a dark Orange and I'm thinking a light Sand. The kitchen is small so I thought a light colour would make it look a little bigger. It would be a big change from the dark Turquoise that's on the walls now. I guess I'll figure it out when I get to the paint shop and have a look at what they have.

I finally put up the lamp I bought for $1.00. The one that HE said was ugly when I bought it. He now thinks it's just wonderful, lol. I fondly call it "The Onion".

Jack Frost had been painting the kitchen door window a while back. If you look to the left you will see his hand as he was fleeing, lol.

Picture of two of our boys. These are the two kittens we adopted from the SPCA last year. All grown up now.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jan. 6th., 2008

Not much doing these days, just trying to keep warm. They say the temperatures are going up to a balmy +2 C on Tuesday and Wednesday. I suppose it sounds ridiculous to say I'm excited about that but it does make a break from the cold snap we've been having. Friday morning, early, we decided to go to Gander to do some shopping. I was worried that the highway would be snow covered and slippery but it was dry as a bone, just like summer road conditions. As we were coming up to the causeway the sun was just hitting the tops of the snowy hills and the bay was frozen over. I was sorry that I hadn't thought to bring my camera. It was bitterly cold and no sign of the Gulls that are usually around there. We went to the large supermarket in Gander and stocked up on food. It seemed that every store we went to, the employees were suffering with a cold or flu. Don't need that way!

A dead tree that we had up against the house that I had vines growing over had fallen down during one of the storms and was hidden under the snow. Roger went to knock down an icicle that was hanging from the roof, tripped on the tree and went head over kettle down in the snow. When he managed to get himself up he was in snow up to his waist. Yep, it's that deep in front of the house.

I've decided to paint the kitchen a different colour and make some changes to other parts of the house. It seems an awesome task as there are so many things to be moved around. I figured this was the best time to get it done. Once spring comes I will be on to different things. I can't wait to get out in the garden again. This past few years I keep saying that I'm not buying anymore seeds as I have more gardens than I can handle already but the seed catalogues come and I find myself ticking off the seeds I want. Guess I'm addicted.

I've hardly seen any Blue Jays at the feeders lately. I've not seen a squirrel either although I hear them chattering in the woods. They say there are an enormous amount of cones this year so I expect they are getting lots of natural food. I do miss them though. Tons of small birds around all day. Once again a few pictures of the regulars.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Trying to change look of blog, will have list of other bloggers back on as soon as I can figure out how to do it.

Happy New Year

Or is it....another snow storm overnight! Then I woke up not feeling very well at all. Nooooo! I hadn't been drinking. Just didn't feel right. Told my other half that if I died before lunch time....just throw me in a snow bank.

I've been most of the morning pushing myself to take the tree and all decorations down. I'm up to my ears in boxes and bags and just feel like saying the heck with it and leaving it as it is until tomorrow. Still, I suppose if I continue it will all be done and I can settle back and relax. I just wasn't into the holiday spirit much this year. I've been thinking of things that I want to do over the winter. I do this every year at this time and never seem to achieve any of my goals. Sigh! I didn't stay up to bring the new year in, haven't for years. We were in bed at 9:00 o'clock, reading. Roger usually walks up the road at midnight, goes out on the bank overlooking the ocean and looks for omens in the sky. The weather was just too bad last night.

I'm so looking forward to the bees, butterflies and bugs to come again and have been missing using the macro on my camera. Yesterday it cleared so thought I'd take the camera and have a look around. I saw some small berries so decided to use the macro. They look as big as apples, lol, but are really quite small. Then this morning took a couple of pictures of a nuthatch weathering the snow. Poor little nutty.