Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jan 30th., 2008

Not really much happening of late. It's been quite mild this past couple of days so we decided to go to Gander early this morning. I was running low on bird seed and we needed some of the groceries that we can't get here. The radio weather report said that the roads were extremely slippery in Gander and in fact, the schools had closed for the morning because of this. That in itself had me a little up tight but we set off anyway. It was very foggy and in places on the highway you couldn't see very far so that was getting me more up tight. Then we saw a moose by the side of the road, by this time I'm a wreck, lol. So spent the rest of the way in straining my eyes to keep watch along both sides of the road for moose. Anyway, we made it there and the roads weren't slippery by that time, but the parking lot where we made our first stop was a sheet of ice. Headed back home just before lunch and there were a few really foggy patches but not too bad.

Let the chickens out of their green house area as it was about +6 and I can tell you, they weren't long coming down the path and up on the deck. Loads of birds around. I started filling the feeders and there were tons of chick a dees waiting for sunflower seeds. I was up on the ladder hanging up the full feeders and they were literally hitting my head and shoulders with their wings. It's times like this that I wish Roger knew how to use my camera. Lots of Nuthatches as well. They are also very friendly little birds.

A whole load of these small birds were here but I'm not sure what they are. Siskins maybe??

And of course some of the regulars.


Pete said...

oc look at the head you'll see hint of red.

so one of two birds

Hoary Redpoll or Common Redpoll think its the later. its the more common and looks like it

very nice pics as ever

Jan said...

First one looks very much like our siskins, so would say yes! Lovely photos - you will have to teach Roger to use your camera - would have been great to see the birds flying round you.

oldcrow61 said...

Hmmm! Pete you have better eyes than I do, I can't see red on the head. And, looking up one of my bird books, the siskin has yellow on the wings. Wonder if it's a female purple finch? Maybe they will be back today and I can get a better look. I did see one bird with a lot of the rosy colour on it, like the male finch.

Anonymous said...

Hey! awwww!! they are so cute...

oldcrow61 said...

You're right Pete, on second look I can see the red on the head. Thanks!