Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jan. 24th., 2008

This month seems like it's never going to end. The temperatures have plummeted once again. Two nights ago it went down to -21 C, and I'm sick of it to be honest. It was predicted that this winter would be colder with more snow than we've had for years and years, and for once they were right.

I started painting the kitchen on Monday and am about two thirds done. I've had to put two coats of paint on so it's taken longer than I expected. The place is like a bomb hit it as there is so much stuff to move about and take off the walls, etc. So, yesterday I finished off another wall and stood back saying to myself that there was only one more wall to do, which I had planned for today....then finished. I happened to see a bit of water on the floor by the wall I had just finished, under the electrical box. Hmmm, says I, what's this? Couldn't see any water coming down the wall but then noticed a drop of water coming off the electrical box. Opened that and saw a very slow leak coming in through that. We thought there might be a leak in the roof as it was a bit milder yesterday and as there is ice and snow on the roof, maybe some was melting. Well, to check to see if there was water between the wall and ceiling we had to tear off a wall. What a flippin mess!!! That done, couldn't find any water or moisture so it seems it's not coming from the roof. I just don't know what's going on with it but will have to call the electrician early this morning.

Other than that, there hasn't been much happening. Weighed myself this past Monday, it marking my second week dieting and over the two week period I've lost ten pounds. I daresay I dropped a few more yesterday with this crap going on, lol. Haven't had a chance to take any pictures but here are a couple of the snow in the garden at the moment, taken about a week ago.

It was just getting daylight, so they are a bit dark.


Pete said...

lovely and festive

-21 I'd never get out of bed

st said...

We had snow, everything looked like your photos. Two hours later lots of water. That sums up the winter weather here. More snow this weekend, predicted.
I agree with pete on the minus 21

Toffeeapple said...

Sod's Law that the minute you think you are nearing completion of an onerous task, something else crops up to smack you in the eye. I hope it's not too big a task to repair AND that it's fixed very soon.

Like Pete says, I wouldn't get out of bed if the temp here was like yours!

Mo said...

You're having the coldest winter. We're having the wettest winter in years. Rain, rain, rain, rain. Oh and some flooding too.
Mo with the January blues.

Hope the heating is coping.