Friday, February 26, 2010

Frosty Morning.

You know you need glasses when you look out the window at the platform feeder and say to yourself..."Wow, that's a strange bird. Haven't seen one like that around here before", you run for the camera. Having another look out before taking the picture, I see it's not a bird at all but a large piece of whole wheat bread that I had put out with the bird seed....sigh!

I bought myself a hula hoop, yep, a hula hoop. I use to be quite good at it when I was a child but now it always seems to be down around my ankles, lol.

The weather has been wonderful really. Yesterday the sun was shinning and it was warm enough to sit on the deck with a sweater on. Imagine, sitting on the deck in February with just a sweater on...amazing. I wouldn't mind a winter like this every year.

This morning it was a little chilly and the trees were full of frost. It looked magical! A few pictures taken on the way back from the shop.

Angelica seed head in the garden.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Strange Winter

It's been an odd winter weather wise. Not much snow and a fair bit of drizzle and rain. Temperatures mostly hovering around zero. We haven't seen the sun in a while but to be honest, I'm not complaining. With the milder temperatures and lack of shoveling what usually seems like tons of snow, I can take more of this.

There's been little or nothing happening here so not much to blog about. The chickens have been having a good winter being able to come out most days and spend time on the deck with the occasional banging with beaks on the back door looking for treats and I'm foolish enough to take care of their demands, lol.

The Grosbeaks are here most days now. As long as I have lots of sunflower seeds on the feeders they will come. I've seen a few Nuthatches which pleases me greatly. I usually have lots of them around but last year I didn't see one. This was a great surprise as I can't remember ever not seeing them regularly.

I had two odd experiences with the crows recently. Early morning, not a sound, not even a whisper of wind, an eerie feeling really, a feeling of expectation almost. I go to the platform feeder with breakfast for the crows but hadn't seen any around. I leave the feeder and on the way back to the house I look up and there I saw a tree full of crows, not making a movement or a sound. I felt I was caught up in the dance of the universe, being one with nature and the crows. I really can't describe the feeling.

And so, I feel the promise of spring already. Maybe it's the weather that's giving me that feeling of excitement.....digging, planting, weeding, all that good stuff. Not long until April. Himself is going away for three weeks in April and I'm looking forward to some "alone" time.

A few pictures taken recently.

Chick a Dee.

Evening Grosbeaks.



Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snow, snow and still snowing!

I can safely say that we got dumped on. I don't know how many cms fell but my mother called and said they got 60 cms. The snow was about five feet high against their door and they couldn't get out. We didn't get that much but we got enough. I'm tired at the moment and my back is aching from things to be done outside ie: filling feeders. Clearing a way to hen house, etc., etc. A few pictures taken this morning.

Yesterday morning we went to visit the friend who got her new puppy the day before. What a little doll. Full of beans too.


A few pictures of birds this morning. Taken through a window so not the best shots.

(Marnie, if you are reading this, I've been trying to read your blog but every time I go there Firefox crashes. I don't know what the problem is and yours is the only one this happens with. I don't know how many times I've tried with the same result.)

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Here we are into February. The worse month as far as I'm concerned. Not much to report except that it's been bitterly cold with temperatures down to -19 at night and not getting up much higher during the day. Tomorrow snow is predicted 5 - 10 cm. By Saturday it's suppose to warm up some. At least it seems we will be out of this wretched chill.

My friend is picking up her new puppy who is being flown in today. I expect we will pay a visit and see the little dear in the next day or so.

We went to the beach this morning. Only stayed a few minutes as it was windy and enough to take the skin of you. These ducks were in the water but took off before I could get a good shot. I don't know what kind they were but have seen them there once before.

A cold north Atlantic beach.

A Magpie Moth in the house. Do you suppose this is a sign of spring.

Part of the garden at the moment.

Sunlight on statue.