Sunday, February 21, 2010

Strange Winter

It's been an odd winter weather wise. Not much snow and a fair bit of drizzle and rain. Temperatures mostly hovering around zero. We haven't seen the sun in a while but to be honest, I'm not complaining. With the milder temperatures and lack of shoveling what usually seems like tons of snow, I can take more of this.

There's been little or nothing happening here so not much to blog about. The chickens have been having a good winter being able to come out most days and spend time on the deck with the occasional banging with beaks on the back door looking for treats and I'm foolish enough to take care of their demands, lol.

The Grosbeaks are here most days now. As long as I have lots of sunflower seeds on the feeders they will come. I've seen a few Nuthatches which pleases me greatly. I usually have lots of them around but last year I didn't see one. This was a great surprise as I can't remember ever not seeing them regularly.

I had two odd experiences with the crows recently. Early morning, not a sound, not even a whisper of wind, an eerie feeling really, a feeling of expectation almost. I go to the platform feeder with breakfast for the crows but hadn't seen any around. I leave the feeder and on the way back to the house I look up and there I saw a tree full of crows, not making a movement or a sound. I felt I was caught up in the dance of the universe, being one with nature and the crows. I really can't describe the feeling.

And so, I feel the promise of spring already. Maybe it's the weather that's giving me that feeling of excitement.....digging, planting, weeding, all that good stuff. Not long until April. Himself is going away for three weeks in April and I'm looking forward to some "alone" time.

A few pictures taken recently.

Chick a Dee.

Evening Grosbeaks.




Anonymous said...

I think the birds have an internal clock we've long since forgot about. So they know when you're giving out the eats!

Nice to hear you got a break this year from what is usually pretty severe Winter on the Rock. Though they could use some of the white stuff out west for the Olympics.

It's been a strange Winter here too. Very cold (for England) in January, fair bit of snow this month, though its not lasting any length of time now. There's snowdrops and crocuses coming up in people's gardens. I'm interested to see if March comes in like a lion or a lamb.

Jo said...

Our winter has been strange as well. We really didn't have a winter until late January and then all the crap hit the fan with record amounts of snow and low temps for the month of February. The past two days have shown the promise of spring not far off. I really could use some spring time right now. If you have some extra please send it my way.

Tricia said...

Great that your weather has been so much better and without too much back breaking shovelling!!

Great birdy pictures OC and particularly those Grosbeaks - how wonderfully colourful.

Interesting experience with the crows - they were waiting for you.....

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Thats a great flock of grosbeaks you have there!! The crows seemed to be "hiding"...weird--nice that you have had an easy winter thus its been a bit colder but no compliants here.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Interesting about your weather, for we have missed many of the southern snow storms so we can see bare ground all around with patches of old snow.
It does make things easier...we did have a little snow activity that looked magical with the large twirling snowflakes a few days ago but it didn't last long and melted and the sun was out in the afternoon.
Enjoyed seeing your birds...we have similar ones in our yard but not the grosbeaks.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning. I have crows for the first time ever. So much snow cover they can't food in the cornfields. I'm not as fond of crows as you are because they drive the small birds away. But, since they are here, I've been putting out corn and leftovers for them. Cheaper than sunflower and millet.

Cicero Sings said...

Hmmm, bloglines hasn't been keeping me up to date on you! I'm way behind I see.

I'd give into those chickens too ... too soft!!

We are only getting the chickadees and nuthatches this winter. Haven't seen anything else ... no wait ... the odd woodpecker.