Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday, Nov. 28th.

Light snow falling, chickens aren't too thrilled about it all. They have gone for cover under the deck. Hopefully it won't amount to much. The quicker winter is over the better. I do believe I have a rat making a home under the hen house. There is an opening just under the left hand side of said house and a couple of days ago I noticed a lot of fresh soil kicked out around that area. No reason for it, but that a creature has been throwing it out from under the house. Now there is a haphazard, though strong and steady greenhouse attached to the hen house so the girls have a nice warm area for daytime use when snow is on the ground. Their food and water is kept there and this morning I saw a lovely little packed down path going from the corner of the hen house to the bowl of hens food. I am assuming it's a rat. I don't mind it staying there as long as it doesn't cause any trouble. I threw some mint leaves in the hen house itself as I read somewhere that mint will keep rats at bay. Otherwise, it has been a very uneventful few days.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Went into the city on Tuesday to get a new computer. I took the small bus in and it always stops half way for ten minutes so the passengers can go to the bathroom or buy something to eat. Everyone got off the bus and just before our ten minutes were up the bus driver comes racing towards us saying he had locked the keys in the bus. The male passengers and driver tried everything to get the door open even shaking the bus which was quite a sight. The driver had also left his cell phone on the bus so had to use the telephone in the restaurant. He came back out saying someone from the garage in the nearest community would be here as soon as possible to get the door opened. He didn't know how long it would be so we all settled in for a long wait. Thankfully, about 20 minutes later we were on our way. The next day I bought a computer and took it to my daughters who started getting it set up for me. As there was some stuff she had to do out here, we both came out yesterday and now I'm all set to go. Yay!! So, now everything is back to normal, inside and outside. I say outside because such funny things happen to me every once in a while. I went out with seed for the feeders this morning. I quickly pulled on a pair of pants with a draw string at the waist to tighten or loosen them. I was just about up the top of the ladder to get to a feeder on a high branch, container of food in one hand and hanging onto the ladder with the other, when my pants fell to my knees. Didn't have them tied tight enough. So here I was, winter hat on, short winter jacket, pants down to my knees and to top it all I had no underwear panties on. Two cars went down the road at this time. Need I say more. lol

Thursday, November 16, 2006

#^*#&*% Computer

This has been one of the most depressing weeks of my life because My Computer is still not working right!!!!!!!!