Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ahhh, Summer.

The citizens are happy, summer has finally shown it's face.  Lovely warm sunny days.  I suppose you can call it late spring cleaning but I finally decided to clear out my clothes closet.    The clothes were packed so tight that I could hardly move them and then there were five large plastic storage boxes stacked up on the floor of the closet.  I ended up with three large plastic garbage bags filled with clothes for the Goodwill so now I have a bit of breathing room.   I was going to start on the linen closet this morning but the garden has been neglected of late and the guilt is creeping in.   So, it's outside for me today I expect.

Here are a few pictures taken recently.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

A Moth and other stuff.

The incredibly beautiful perfume coming from the Honeysuckle wafted around me as I walked outside this morning.   It's one of those scents that I wait for each summer.  The Roses, Peonies and Phlox are wonderfully scented as are some of the other flowers but I think the Honeysuckle tops them all.

We've had a few summer like days but now it's turned chilly again.   I'm debating whether to light the wood stove.   Seems a waste of wood as it is suppose to be summer after all.   Still, I'm feeling chilly. 

There have been some young Waxwings after the berries on the Saskatoon Berry tree.   I've tried to get a picture but the tree is only a few feet from the window and when they see me, they fly off.   The Black Currant tree is full of berries again this year.   I'm hoping to pick them before the birds decide to have a feast.   They're not quite ripe enough yet though. 

I noticed a lot of moths around the back door this morning.   Couldn't figure why until I remembered that I had left the porch light on all night.   Here's a big fellow with a head full of fur.

Some pictures of the garden.