Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve

Himself is in hospital once again with pneumonia.   He was taken away by ambulance early Christmas Day.   It's been such a stressful year and continues to be so.   People tell me to be strong, stiff upper lip and all that crap and I'm trying but sometimes I feel like just letting go and have a good cry.   I'm feeling a bit morose and sorry for myself this morning.  

The weather has been dreadful.   So much snow and cold.   I think I've shoveled more so far this winter than I did all last winter.   Dreadfully cold, waking to minus 18 temperatures.    It's warmed up some this morning.  Only minus 8. 

I did get a chuckle when I got up this morning.   This is how the story goes.....A couple of weeks ago I saw a recipe, can't remember what it was but it called for bread dough so I figured I'd look for some frozen bread dough as I haven't the patience to knead it as long as necessary.   I found a pack of three loafs at the corner store, bought it and put it in the freezer.   Then forgot about it until yesterday.   I had a brilliant idea, I'd make a loaf of bread. There were no instructions on it so I googled and got info.   They said to leave it out for about three hours, it would rise then bake ya da ya da ya da.   This was in the afternoon.   I greased a bread pan and laid the sucker in it, covered with plastic wrap.   By bedtime it hadn't moved so I said to self,   bugger all, it's a waste of time.   This morning I got up, went in kitchen and this massive white blob was facing me on the counter, ahahahaha.   I managed to fit it in the oven and now have it baked.   I'm almost afraid to cut into it, ahahaha.   I guess because the temperature in the house warmed up over night it defrosted and rose.
The cats are a bit disgruntled with the weather.    Not wanting to go out and sleeping most of the days.   This is Stanley and Tommy looking out the window at the snow coming down yesterday.

Sorry I haven't been following your blogs as I should have been.   My mind has been unsettled for some time what with all that's been coming down.

So, my friends, here's a New Years wish for you:


Monday, December 09, 2013

A Few Updates.

It's been a while since I've blogged.   Not that I've been too busy to do so.  This past year has been a stressful one and I've lost interest in some things.  Hopefully this coming year will be better.   I feel that I'm getting back to normal and am looking forward to spring and getting out in the garden....a good sign.

First of all, about himself.   I may have mentioned this before....after finally getting out of the hospital in June, he had congestive heart failure three times.   They've adjusted his pills once again and he seems to be doing fine now.   His been in Spain for the month of November.   Flying against doctors orders but arrived without incident.   He's due back home soon.  Fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.

About the little Imp!  Tommy is into everything.   Of all the cats I've had and there's been more than a few, he is the worse.   I had a China Doll plant that was about six feet high.   He stripped it bare, almost bare.   Just a few leaves left on top.   My daughter eventually took it to stay at her house.   I have a five foot croton which he swings on knocking my favorite lamp to the floor more than once.   I finally put that plant in the bedroom.  I decided to put the xmas tree up early as a surprise for himself when he got home.  Tommy would fly across the room and land midway up the tree.   He would also go up through the middle hauling lights and ornaments off.   I was so stressed out, yesterday I took the tree down and packed it away.   Alas, no tree this year.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, I'll not go into the rest.   Still, with all his badness, I love him to bits.  He's a soft cuddly baby.

Up in the woods with Stanley and me.

These early mornings are nippy to say the least.   We've had a few flurries now and then.   Dreading the winter!   I do have plans though, getting back into craft work for one.   I'd like to start sketching and painting again.   Lifes so very short and I have to get back at it!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Colours of Autumn

In the garden.   The colours and sweet smell of the earth and fallen leaves is heaven. 

Friday, October 04, 2013

Autumn has Arrived.

Where to begin.....fall has arrived, leaves are changing colour and quite a few have already fallen.  I commented to himself yesterday on the beautiful sweet smell coming from the earth this time of year.   We've had wonderful weather this past week or so.   Some days it's been like the height of summer with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.   I'm trying to get most of the perennials cut back which will save me some work in the spring.   It's such a big job with wheelbarrows being filled and back breaking from bending over.   I figure that you have to love gardening to put yourself through this.  I've also had to move a pile of Lavender, Sage and Hyssop to  better prepared areas.   I've been mixing seaweed, leaves and soil with a bit of wood ash thrown in to use in the spring.   I've emptied most of the pots so will soon have to put them away for the winter along with storing the garden ornaments. 

I've had a new deck and steps built on the front of the house as the old one had started to rot.  This one is a bit bigger and I'm really pleased with it.   I've painted the railings and stained the floor of it, a job I don't like doing at all.  Never the less, it's finished now. 

As for himself, since the last trip to hospital with congestive heart failure once again, about a month ago, he's been doing well.   He's had most of his medication changed and it seems like that did the trick.  He's looking and sounding much more like his old self. 

Little Tommy is growing up.   Looking more adult now even though he thinks he's a big boy, he's still a baby.  He's a darling.  

A few pictures:

Some last blooms.

Looking through window in the darkness.

The Rowan Trees, (we call them Dogberry Trees), are laden down with berries this year. 

And, one more of the baby.  Cuddled into his teddy.

Monday, August 12, 2013

He's Just Too, Too Cute.

Little Tommy is a growing boy.  He's chewed through the microphone wire on the computed in three places.  He's tore two lamp shades, knocked over ornaments and has my seven foot China Doll plant shredded.  Among other things!   Still I can't help but love the boy.

Summer seems to have gone so quickly.  Some days you can feel a touch of fall in the air.   Most of the perennials are turning to seed.  While I think of it...I have an overabundance of Woad seed and Angelica seed so if anyone wants some I'll send some to you where ever you are for free.  Email me at wytchwood@gmail.com

Himself is in the hospital for the third time in just over a month.  Congestive heart failure each time.  They are doing a MUGA scan today and he may be let go after that.  He was taken away by ambulance last Thursday.   I haven't been looking after the garden as I usually do so it's all looking a bit raggedy.    I've been stacking wood for a couple of days.  There's about a truckload left to do.   I can't complain about the summer weather wise.  It's been lovely. 

If you look closely, you can see the little imp who knocked over the lamp.  He thinks I don't know who did it, lol.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Handful of Mischief.

This is Tommy.   The story goes like this......there's a woman I know in a nearby town who, for this past few years, has been catching all the homeless and feral cats, having them spayed and neutered and finding homes for them.   There was one female left.   She's being trying to catch this one for two years and finally, a while back, managed to get her.   The thing is, the cat had four kittens with her.   So, a couple of weeks ago, I get a phone call asking if I knew anyone who could take a kitten.   Only a good home of course.   She had found a good home for the Mother and one of the babies.   She described the kittens and I said I would take the orange tabby.   The next day I was telling friends about the situation and they took two.   So, here we are with this bundle of joy.  The other cats have their noses out of joint but are coming around to accepting this little fluff ball.   He's into everything.   The only time I get any peace is when he's asleep.  Not only does he think I'm his mother but also his play toy.    A few pictures of the little dear.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today my parents celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  Yes, believe it or not it's 70 years since they tied the know.   It's amazing and they are amazing.   Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gone again, home again, jigedy jig!

A brief note on the health situation of himself.  He was home from the hospital for about a week and a half when he had congestive heart failure.  He ended up in hospital for a week and is now home again.   The doctor said he was close to death.   To be honest I felt that at the time.   When we got to the hospital, he couldn't walk but a few steps so I had to put him in a wheelchair and get him seen to.  He seems to be doing pretty well now, although weak.   Fingers crossed that he continues to improve. 

I can only say that after over four months I was starting to feel the stress.  Thankfully my wonderful daughter came and stayed for that week.  It was so good to have someone here so that I could relieve some of the stress by talking things out with. 

The garden is coming along nicely.   A few years ago someone asked me if I wanted a lilac tree that was dug up and about to be thrown out.  I've always wanted on for the garden so I said yes.   When I saw it I didn't think there was much hope as it was just a stick and it had been dug out so close to the trunk that there were no roots left on it.   Never the less, I said "Miss Lilac, I'm going to give you a chance."   So, I planted it.  This year it's done me proud.   Just goes to show that there is always hope.  And, maybe the fairies were listening to the conversations I would have with it and performed their magic. 

The lovely Miss Lilac

I've been trying to do some weeding but the black flies are driving me back in the house.  And now the mosquitoes are becoming a nuisance.    I expect I'll have to try it around five in the morning when it's a bit cooler and these creatures aren't quite ready to start their day. 

So, here are a few pictures from around the garden.