Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve

Himself is in hospital once again with pneumonia.   He was taken away by ambulance early Christmas Day.   It's been such a stressful year and continues to be so.   People tell me to be strong, stiff upper lip and all that crap and I'm trying but sometimes I feel like just letting go and have a good cry.   I'm feeling a bit morose and sorry for myself this morning.  

The weather has been dreadful.   So much snow and cold.   I think I've shoveled more so far this winter than I did all last winter.   Dreadfully cold, waking to minus 18 temperatures.    It's warmed up some this morning.  Only minus 8. 

I did get a chuckle when I got up this morning.   This is how the story goes.....A couple of weeks ago I saw a recipe, can't remember what it was but it called for bread dough so I figured I'd look for some frozen bread dough as I haven't the patience to knead it as long as necessary.   I found a pack of three loafs at the corner store, bought it and put it in the freezer.   Then forgot about it until yesterday.   I had a brilliant idea, I'd make a loaf of bread. There were no instructions on it so I googled and got info.   They said to leave it out for about three hours, it would rise then bake ya da ya da ya da.   This was in the afternoon.   I greased a bread pan and laid the sucker in it, covered with plastic wrap.   By bedtime it hadn't moved so I said to self,   bugger all, it's a waste of time.   This morning I got up, went in kitchen and this massive white blob was facing me on the counter, ahahahaha.   I managed to fit it in the oven and now have it baked.   I'm almost afraid to cut into it, ahahaha.   I guess because the temperature in the house warmed up over night it defrosted and rose.
The cats are a bit disgruntled with the weather.    Not wanting to go out and sleeping most of the days.   This is Stanley and Tommy looking out the window at the snow coming down yesterday.

Sorry I haven't been following your blogs as I should have been.   My mind has been unsettled for some time what with all that's been coming down.

So, my friends, here's a New Years wish for you:



Alison said...

I am so sorry to hear your partner is in hospital again. A tough Winter just beginning isn't helping either. Is there anyone who could come stay with you because it sounds like you need to not be alone now.

New Year is going to be very low key here too. Here's to your partner's recovery and a speedy end to Wimter.

Ali x

ST said...

I hope you have a less stressful new new year.
Best wishes to the viking.

Toffeeapple said...

Sso sorry to hear the news, I hope that he will be back with you very soon.

I wish you both a healthy and peasceful year.

Tricia Ryder said...

(((OC))) as ever.... thinking of you.... and if you want a good howl... you have one ;)

Victoria said...

Hope the new year is much, much better for both himself and you, OC. Give the cats a hug for me.



The Wessex Reiver said...

Ohh that's sad. pneumonia is serious so it's good he is in hospital getting the best of treatment. Thoughts to you both. Fingers crossed 2014 brings more lightness to your world. Blessings. Andrew

Nan and =^..^= said...

So sorry to hear about the stressful times and I hope this new year brings good health to you and your loved ones. Your cats are delightful and I love your stories! Take good care!

CatHerder said...

oh noooo...wishing you much less drama this 2014....and your dough story reminded me of the i love lucy episode when lucy and ethel made the bread :-) Wishing you the best keep us posted

Cicero Sings said...

Sorry to hear that himself is having such a time of it!
Sorry to hear that you are having such a time of it! Quite the ride you've been having. Hopefully, with the New Year, things will take a turn around and improve. A good howl is good ... so long as one doesn't stay in the pitty pool too long.

Moncha Eilis said...

Happy New Year !!
I hope the bread tastes ok.
I love the tomcats sitting there ; )
Have a great day.