Monday, July 14, 2014

Bits and Peices.

I've been so busy most days not only the garden but I've been trying to clear out the shed of stuff I have stored there because it has to come down.   I'm a bit of a pack rat so it's been no easy task to sort out what to get rid of and where to put some of the things I want to keep.   I've also been trying to prepare for winter.   Call me crazy but I've even been stocking up on food stuff.   Last winter was such a rough one so I'm feeling a bit anxious about the one to come.   I didn't have the storm door on last winter for some reason and it does stop a lot of the drafts coming in so yesterday I scraped it and today I'm planning on giving it new life with a coat or two of paint.   Figured I might as well do it now while the weather is nice so it will be all ready to put up come fall. 

The weather has been wonderful.  Warm sunny days and nights.   The plants love it.   The rose trees are laden down with flowers and the black currant tree is packed with berries.   Not yet ready to pick of course.   My peony is heavy with buds and flowers as well.  

There's been activity around my mason bee house for the first time and I'm very excited.   Two of the holes have been plugged so I'm assuming there are eggs inside.  Here's a picture.

A few pictures from around the garden. 

Young Tommy.

A couple of bumble bees.

And, my white lilac showing off.