Thursday, September 25, 2014

Laughable Morning.

"Anyone walking by this house this morning would say there's a bloody lunatic under the front porch.  Here I was trying to crawl over big rocks and stumps and drawers coming off.   I burst out laughing so many times.  It all seemed so ludicrous.   I'm just taking a break now then will finish.  The old body will be sore tomorrow I expect."  This is what I emailed my daughter this morning.   I was trying to fix some of the places where drafts might be getting in the house.   After all, winter is not far away.    I've been busy, busy, busy and haven't even started on the garden yet other than to move a few of the perennials to better spots.

Many of the leaves have changed colour.   It was a bit nippy when I got up this morning but it has turned into a beautiful day.   A breezy day with lots of sunshine.  

The birds seem to have voracious appetites these days.   I can hardly keep the feeders full.   I hope this isn't a sign of a bad winter to come.  

Well, must get back at it.   What's the saying "time and tide waits for no man".  (or woman).

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Breezy Day.

My first steps outside yesterday morning I found it unusually warm.   The breeze was like a kiss on the cheeks.  The wind picked up considerably during the day and by afternoon the huge, tall Aspens, Birch and Spruce trees were swirling around in a manic dance.   Even the rose bushes were doing the dance.  How strange I thought.   Then a friend dropped by and said we were in the tail end of a hurricane.   Of course it all made sense then.   But how wonderful to stand in the garden with the power of the wind swirling around my body, hair whipping about my face and the trees, the trees, laughing along with me.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chilly September Morn.

Early morning.   I was looking out through the patio doors and thinking how very lucky I am.  There before me were Blue Jays drinking from the bird baths, crows on the platform feeder enjoying breakfast, chick a dees, juncos and nuthatches eating sunflower seeds from the globe feeder and  squirrels running around the tree branches.  For me it's heaven.  Each morning when the crows fly in, I can tell you, it puts a grin on my face.'s been a while since I posted anything.   Just lazy I guess.   I have been busy though.   I've put tiles down on the guest bedroom floor.  I've gone through all the dishes in the kitchen and eliminated quite a few then put new shelf paper in the cupboards.  I'm trying bit by bit to get rid of stuff in the shed so it can be torn down   Not an easy job as there is much I want to keep so the problem is finding places in the house to store it.   Not an easy task as my house is small.  I bought a heating wire for the water pipe coming up from the ground and going into the house.   I don't want to face the chance of frozen pipe this coming winter.   I might have to crawl under the house myself to do the job, not something I look forward to I can tell you as there is little space under there. 

Fall has arrived.   I'm getting things done in the garden bit by bit.   Always seems an awesome task.  My computer went bust about a month ago and I'm only now back on line.   I lost all my pictures and my bookmarks.  Not happy about that.  Here are some of the latest shots.

A walk on the beach.

Tommy trying to catch a moth in the early morning.