Thursday, September 25, 2014

Laughable Morning.

"Anyone walking by this house this morning would say there's a bloody lunatic under the front porch.  Here I was trying to crawl over big rocks and stumps and drawers coming off.   I burst out laughing so many times.  It all seemed so ludicrous.   I'm just taking a break now then will finish.  The old body will be sore tomorrow I expect."  This is what I emailed my daughter this morning.   I was trying to fix some of the places where drafts might be getting in the house.   After all, winter is not far away.    I've been busy, busy, busy and haven't even started on the garden yet other than to move a few of the perennials to better spots.

Many of the leaves have changed colour.   It was a bit nippy when I got up this morning but it has turned into a beautiful day.   A breezy day with lots of sunshine.  

The birds seem to have voracious appetites these days.   I can hardly keep the feeders full.   I hope this isn't a sign of a bad winter to come.  

Well, must get back at it.   What's the saying "time and tide waits for no man".  (or woman).


Lola Morningstar said...

That's okay Mom, Any onlookers wouldn't expect any less.

Sondra said...

Your sedum seems farther along than mine, I love the bird shots and happy you are keeping fit and getting chores done at the same time!! Lets hope its NOT a bad winter for all our sakes.

Joan@CopperCreeker said...

thank you for the *BIG BIG GRIN* that image gave me *snicker*snort*

Tricia Ryder said...

well... I would agree with Laurie.. we wouldn't expect anything less from yo OC... pure entertainment... :D

Anonymous said...

Somehow the mental image of you crawling on top of, over or under anything seem to fit. LOL! Seems like everyone is getting ready for the coming Winter. My brother is in north Alberta and they have had snow already. Ok, so it didn't last, but its like an early warning system isn't it. I'm debating when I should put feed and suet balls out for the birds. They don't face the harsh Winters you get in Nfld, but they still appreciate a handout during the colder months. I don't want to start too early, otherwise the greedy squirrels will hijack it.


Victoria said...

OC, the visual that gave me made me laugh, thank you!

Wow, those leaves are a gorgeous red, so brilliant. Ours aren't turning much here yet. Your sedum is beautiful, too.



Toffeeapple said...

Good for you! Lovely bird shots.