Friday, October 03, 2014

A Touch of Frost.

Beans on toast for crows breakfast this morning with a side of cat food.  A good many of the annuals got wiped out last night with the frost.   Time to clear out the pots and other containers to be stored for the winter.

I woke up a few mornings ago with terrible pain in my shoulders when ever I moved them.   After a couple of days I was getting a bit concerned as I couldn't figure what was going on.   Thought to myself, if it continues much longer I'll have to see about it.   Had visions of going for x-rays and all that crap.  I was talking to a friend a couple of days later telling her how I had put up shelves in the bedroom and what a job I had sawing them to the proper lengths with my old bow saw.   She said, I don't suppose that's why your shoulders are in such pain!   Ha, I hadn't even thought of that and that's exactly what happened.   LOL.

A touch of frost in early morning.

Some of the Phlox are still hanging in there.

And the Sedum is coming into it's own.

The Burning Bush is putting on a show.

I'm waiting for the temperature to go up a bit and then I'm off to put a window in my old storm door and repair the bottom of it.  A beautiful day even though it's chilly. 


Sondra said...

you remind me of myself!! I'm a big DIY'er, and often cant move the next day! AND I don't put much store in the talents of the medical profession!
Frost already!! wow. we will get low of 40's on Sunday I need to move some house plants back inside.

Victoria said...

Ha, that sawing would certainly do it! We haven't had a hard freeze here yet, it's been unseasonable warm. But the seasons don't follow the patterns they have for hundreds of years here anymore; it's very disconcerting.

The colors of the phlox, sedum and burning bush are beautiful.



Tricia Ryder said...

Goodness - frost already. Some reported here in the UK but in the north.

Sounds like you need a handy man for some of your chores... you take care now :)

some colour in the garden still tho...

suz said...

what we used to do and so easily now wipes us out
and we never saw it coming
I laughed my butt off with your other post about your drawers falling off
My daughter hates that word...
drawers....what's her problem
they're drawers and that's that
I love your photos of the jays
and yes the birds are eating a lot

Ali Harriman said...

Autumn showed up here rather abruptly this weekend too, so we're getting ready for the colder weather. I hear you about aches and pains. When you think about what you used to be able to do without feeling it for days afterwards ... lol!