Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Tree Hugging Kind of Day.

Unusually warm temperatures for this time of year with high winds today.   I needed to climb the ladder to take down two of the feeders that were empty on one of the large Aspen trees.   I had forgotten how Aspens moved in a high wind so when I was up on the top rung of the ladder I felt the tree sway.  I'll admit that it made me chuckle as I've felt this before.   So, I wrapped my arms around the trunk and hugged my body to the tree and my self and the tree swayed back and forth in the wind.   What joy!

So many leaves on the ground the whole property is gold and orange with the odd bit of red thrown in. I've been trying to get things put to bed bit by bit.   For some reason my heart doesn't seem to be in it like other years.   Maybe because I've been busy preparing for the long cold winter to come.   Regardless, yesterday I got a bit done.

It's often said here that if the Rowan Trees, we call them Dogberry Trees, have lots of berries, it's going to be a hard winter.  Last year the trees were laden down with berries.   This year there doesn't seem to be many berries on the trees so according to the old people, it should be a mild winter.   Of course the weather people say that this is a pile of bull but I like to believe it. 

Quite a few Fox Sparrows around now.

And Juncos.

The silly squirrels are enjoying the food in the squirrel proof feeders.  They're so cute.

Well, time to get on with my day. 


Sondra said...

OMG those dang rascals can get into anything can't they? LoL I hope its a mild winter for you!

Pete Duxon said...

OC you are mad!! Loveable but mad!! :D

love the squidgies!!

Toffeeapple said...

I think I can imagine the feeling of swaying with the Aspen, lucky you.

The birds are lovley; I had never seen a Fox Sparrow before but they look a little like our Song Thrush.

I like to believe those old sayings too, I shall keep my fingers crossed for all of us.

Tricia Ryder said...

LOLOL..You'll be swinging through the trees next... and ditto what Pete said :)

Victoria said...

OC, on my property there is a huge, old alder tree...I do the same thing you do! It makes me feel connected to everything.

I tend to believe that the trees and animals know more about what the next season will bring than the weather people do. Hopefully, you'll get a mild winter (well, as mild as it gets there) and here in these mountains we'll have a long, cold, rainy, snowy winter!

Your squirrels are so cute. I really miss our big grey squirrels (they were mostly killed by a plague several years ago and they haven't really made a comeback) so it's wonderful to see your photos.